Mike just got back from a business trip this week to Cork, Ireland and took this picture of Blarney Castle. I thought it turned out great! Well, I rebounded and had a fantastic danish run yesterday. The danish run is the upper limits of doctor recommendation, so of course I try and do as much as I can 🙂 I felt great, and felt quick, even though I am sure my friends thought it was fairly pedestrian. So, I assumed my previous doubts about my running were premature. WRONG! Today, was a whole different story.

I did some major house cleaning and organizing in preparation for Spec all day yesterday. As I could have predicted, the dust form this combined with muggy, moldy, rain weather induced an asthma attack. No big deal, I can handle it. But, what happened later that night was a surprise and mystery and gross! Apparently I’d been eating all day (and possibly the day before) and the food was just piling up, not even remotely being digested. At one point, it decided to leave me. This was the first of it I noticed. I did feel very full all day, but I thought it was Spec. Wrong….just massive amounts of food that all came up last night, as a complete surprise. I am amazed my stomach stored that much and didn’t even attempt to digest it at all. I know very gross. I have no idea why this would happen, and I had a very exotic meal in Austin’s Chinatown Center, that I don’t want to repeat any time soon. After this happened, I think I weighed a couple pounds less, I could breathe (I think all the food was taking up so much space it was hard to breathe), and I could feel Spec moving again. I guess I am just getting ready for Halloween with an exorcist moment or something.
Anyhow, it meant today’s 99% humidity run was done with not having absorbed a single thing yesterday, so it was a full blown slogging around with leg cramps and belly cramps. Things seem to be better now, but I realize there will be good days and bad days on my runs, possibly from here on out. It was a rough one to say the least. I am hoping the week is better!

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