Spec room…

It was a busy day, but most of Spec’s room is done. The crib has some repair work to do, as it is 10 years old, and currently is a minor death trap. Despite how it looks, that mattress hangs by a thread, but Mike assures me it is fixable. Also, try and ignore the fact I look like one of the whales on the quilt. There is also a dresser yet to arrive, but the hard part is done (cleaning and painting). The pictures are all originals ordered from Etsy, which is the coolest place to get just about anything. There is a lot of really great baby stuff, or gifts

for anyone for that matter. I really

wanted original stuff in the room, and not something prepackaged from the hideous Babies R Us (a true nightmare shopping experience if ever there was one).
In other news, the day we’ve been waiting for since about April has arrived. The first signs of fall. On Thursday I ran at 445 am in 80 degrees and 85% humidity. Saturday am was 55 degrees and very little humidity. It was MUCH easier to run. I have only experienced pregnant runs in pretty hot and humid conditions, so this was very welcome. I also realized the weather was a big factor in how hard I felt like I was working. Now, several of you will probably laugh at this pace, but Joe, Wesley and I did a 6.4 mile loop in 59 minutes, including 1 bathroom stop. For all my extra weight, that is a much better pace than I have had. It seemed like we were just flying to me. I had a slightly restless night last night with some asthma and reflux so I knew this am would be a little challenging, but the much cooler weather made it very doable. Just last weekend the littlest discomfort combined with the high temps and humidity really made me have to work for my runs. I hope it is like this next weekend for Spec’s second race, the IBM 10K.
Now it seems no matter how hard I try not to gain massive amounts of weight it just doesn’t happen. I run about 40 miles a week, take yoga a couple times a week, walk in the evenings, cut down my food, but upped my nutrition, and I still just pile on the weight. I know the gain is inevitable, but I had no idea it would be this much and seemingly this out of my hands. I guess there is some genetic predisposition as to how large a baby wants to be, and try and I might I cannot make Spec a 6 pound baby. He seems on a path to be bigger as anything I eat adds to to his size. I would also think everyone knows no woman wants to hear “Oh, you’re getting big”, but somehow everyone keeps telling me. I went about 18 weeks without looking pregnant at all, and then suddenly I get comments like “Well, you are so short, of course you are going to look big.”. Nice….at least my running clothes seem to stretch and I can still use them. Our Saturday route has also been renamed “The Old Guy and the Fat Girl loop” I usually run it with at least one buddy, none of whom are really old guys, it’s just when we get passed left and right by marathon training groups, we kinda have to laugh at ourselves. We pass a Starbucks, and yesterday considered going in and getting giant chocolate chip frappachinos and hanging up up running shoes. Who are we kidding, sipping whip cream-laced drinks was probably more our pace, but we persevered and for at least another weekend, can call ourselves runners.
Let’s hope Mike still likes to spend time in this rocker at 3am when Spec refuses to sleep……

3 thoughts on “Spec room…”

  1. The room looks GREAT!! Love the rocker!!! Wouldn't worry too much about the weight gain. Although it'll be some work for us to take it off, I just keep reminding myself that fat Steph now equates to healthy baby later. Here is an article that should make you feel better:http://family.go.com/parentpedia/baby/wellness/baby-low-weight/If baby is much under your "ideal" 6 lbs, they are considered "low birth weight" and are much more likely to have all kinds of problems. Probably better to aim high than to cut it close and miss the mark. The Amreican College of Obstetricians says we should be aiming to gain weight:"Be sure to eat a balanced diet when you're pregnant, and aim to gain the proper amount of weight. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, that's 25-35 lbs. for normal-weight women, 28-40 lbs. for underweight women, and 15-25 lbs. for overweight women."My guess is that you've still got plenty to go before you hit that healthy 25 pound mark :), so enjoy those french fries!

  2. Very cool room. And the rocker will come in VERY handy. Seriously. I was skeptical when my folks gave us one, but it is magical when you need to get the baby back to sleep.Also — thanks for the support and congrats re: Heartland!

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