That stung a little…

This picture was emailed to me in Feb. by my great pacing partner, Korrie. She and I had the honor of pacing those with a 5 hour marathon goal at the Austin marathon. We had a blast, and I used it to cap off my goal race, Rocky Raccoon 50 mile. Wow, what a difference a year makes…right now I am challenged by 6-7 miles, when a year ago, I was starting to hit 25 miles runs, followed by another 10 or so the next day. I was pretty determined to get in good shape to undertake RR 50 and then the marathon pacing.

I got an email yesterday with the details of this year’s marathon pacing. It hurt to know that I won’t be there. Spec is due the same weekend as the marathon, so there is no way I could do it. I know Spec is way better than pacing another marathon, but a little part of me still wonders how much of my “old life” I’ll regain when all is said and done. Will 2011 be a combo Spec birthday pre-marathon pasta dinner for me? I hope so. I know ultras might be a challenge time wise after Spec is born, but I hope marathons and 50Ks remain part of my life. It doesn’t seem like too unreasonable of a goal, but I find everyday is another step into the unknown.
Sometimes lately I look around my home, and see all the reminders of how much I’ve been able to do up to now. Many nights I go to sleep in a Boston marathon t-shirt, I bring my lunch to work in a bag from the amazing MiWok 100K run, there is a cool piece of bottle cap art in my kitchen from the Rogue trail series, a little bronze horse anchors my bookcase from the my fave trail race, Sunmart, I have photos on the walls of my friends and I at races conquering our fears, and I can no longer fit into the belt that is adorned by my hard earned Bandera 100K buckle. It’s all just trinkets, but I like having all to conjure up the memories of all the good times I’ve had, and I am thankful for every mile and every minute.
An annoying little part of pregnancy is the insomnia. When it strikes regularly in the middle of the night, I try and think of pleasant things and not let my mind drift into list making, and what I need to get done. I imagine myself running along a trail, coming into an aid station, and Mike is there holding Spec, cheering me on. We all have big smiles on our faces….I continue on and eventually I finish the race and we all go celebrate together as a family. So yes, maybe this mental picture can become real in Feb 2011, as I finish the Austin marathon, and then we all go out together to celebrate the run, and Spec’s first birthday.

1 thought on “That stung a little…”

  1. You will always be a runner and new addition to the family won't change that. You will blink twice and before you know it you will be back doing the races you want. Kids grow up so fast, that they will be out there running with you before you know it.

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