Spec’s 2nd Race…

Prerace photos…hint, I am the one who looks pregnant…Steph is the one I shot a little blurry and you could never tell she is pregnant!
What a packed, but fun weekend. This weekend was the IBM 10K. Not known to be a very scenic course, but it fit the bill being 10K in distance, and no trails. Stephanie said she was in, so we registered. I spent all day Saturday running errands, and not making it to Melissa’s birthday/ OU game party. I find that folks are usually pretty forgiving about my need to book at least one nap a weekend now. But I did get most of what I needed to done, because I knew today would be full as well. One huge factor in making the weekend and run great, was perfect running weather. Mid 50s in the am, warming to high 70s. This kind of weather is just about unheard of in Austin.
Picked up Steph at 645 and we headed up to the Domain shopping center. Parked no problem, and started the near mile or so trek to the race start. A highlight of the race was that Michael and Michelle were meeting us with baby Leah after for breakfast, so we were both psyched to put in a good run and earn our omelet afterwards. By the time we made it to the start and hit a bathroom, we were off. It was a nice to change to do a race where all I worried about was getting there on time. No packing drop bags or snacks, a headlamp, or a blister kit. Just show up and run. We started pretty far back, and boosted our egos a bit by being able to pass folks from where we started. We ran along, and Spec behaved and only caused me moderate bladder trauma. One stop got me through the race (he has caused as many as 3 stops in 6 miles). We saw Michael, Michelle and Leah towards the end, and pushed on, ready for breakfast. 57:40 was our time, I forgot my chip as usual, so I am not in the results, but it does translate to an 8:52 mile average. Not bad for a fat girl, and it included the bathroom stop.
We did breakfast at the Steeping Room. It was super good. I justified a spinach omelet with goat cheese, as needed protein for Spec, and the Chocolate Chipotle Chai Latte was just a treat. I think I have a new favorite breakfast spot. Leah was the best baby ever….but I suspect she eventually woke up today and demanded a feeding, since we didn’t hear a peep from her.
Since the weather so good, I took Pancake to Mueller to run around. Then I had to rush off to an eye dr appt. Gymboree was right next door, and having a 60% off sale. I notice two truisms about baby clothes: 1. There is a lot less stuff for boys. About 3/4ths of the store was girl stuff, and 2. It is really hard to find girl stuff that isn’t pink. Spec and I wanted to get a little present for Amelia Rose (aka Little Stevie 1), but rumor is she doesn’t want a lot of pink. Everything seemed to be pink. So, I gave up….I know some other places to look, but Gymboree did seem pretty cute…
I am looking forward to putting these sweaters on Spec we he goes in his running stroller this winter!

3 thoughts on “Spec’s 2nd Race…”

  1. Thanks for putting up with me this morning. Amelia and I had a GREAT time and, I agree, the weather and the breakfast with the Garels made for a perfect morning. Fun times. I'm already looking forward to the next one.Good picks on the sweaters for Spec. Those will be great in February! As for your comments on the photos. It appears to me that I am the fat girl out of the two photos. My guess is that it all has to do with the perspective ;).Steph

  2. I think you all look great!Michael reminded me how I did (and still do) think I look huge. In reality we are probably our toughest critics. The fact that you ran the entire 10K and looked happy going it means you're in great shape, not whale shape

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