Another milestone…

More Spec clothes…aren’t they cute?!?

This week marks 24 weeks, or if I want it to seem like more time, 6 months. For some reason mentally months seems like more than weeks to me. Even though pregnancy is really 10 months, not 9! Anyhow, like most events with a big lead up, I go between wanting the big day to be here, and telling myself to slow down and enjoy the journey. In my mind 6 months seems like a milestone. Far enough in to finally call it a good ways in…
Running still continues. If you were to ask me about it at 5am, I would tell you running feels great. The summer heat is officially over, and even though I may be a little sleepy, I can still keep pace. Now, ask me about running at 5pm, and it’s a different story. I ran a couple miles last night after work, and it was soooo hard. Leg cramps, no energy, the works. Anytime I have a bad run I wonder, “Is this it, am I looking at quitting?” Luckily this morning was a major rebound. I have accepted that Spec’s massive growth just wipes me out by the evening. I am lucky to make it to yoga or my Pancake walks…I really want to take a nap. So I admit it…Spec makes me tired…..and huge. I cannot believe how much he grows in just a week. And, yes massive Spec growth translates into massive growth for me.
Spec is also a night owl. I am not. I am a morning person. I feel him stir a little in the morning, but running seems to lull him to sleep. Around dinner time though, he’s wild, keeps it up after I get into bed..it doesn’t bother me and I am able to fall asleep, but I hope he decides to switch to mornings by the time he is born!

2 thoughts on “Another milestone…”

  1. Leah was like that too. Rumor is, they settle down when the mom is moving. Sounds like this might be true if we base it on the three of us.Now… Leah has a tough time falling asleep at night and still seems to sleep better in the mornings. It's a bit tough but it has allowed me to get in some morning swims already since she's on a schedule then. But I'm hoping she begins to start sleeping a bit better very soon 🙂

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