Spec’s first greenbelt trip…

Today was also Spec’s first greenbelt trip. I had Mike take some pictures, because I suppose I should have some documentation that I have not made Spec up…haha!!…now do you believe me? Yes, it is quite scary he has 3 months or so to grow…he looks PLENTY big to me.

I don’t think I’ll be running with Spec out there anytime soon, but we will hike. I am getting a carrier for him, and we’ll spend some time out on the greenbelt with Pancake too. Maternity leave may be the best thing that ever happened to Pancake.
The perfect weather has really got me thinking about my running comeback. I am forming all kinds of comeback plans depending on when and how Spec’s delivery goes. It is hard not to think about marathons, when there are so many people training and we have hit perfect long run weather. Can’t complain about my current status though…I did a 9 min/ mile pace Danish run this am, lugging that giant gut in the photo around, so not too bad. I am planning on switching to long runs on Fridays when I go back to work. Ideally, I will get up early and get my run in, and maybe go to work a little later. Then Saturday I can do a 6-7 mile run and with Spec in his stroller or maybe with friends and then do breakfast with Spec and Mike or something. Spending time with him will be a priority, and I hope I can pull off Friday long runs to free up the weekend a little. We shall see, I know a baby is not predictable, so I may not always get things to work the way I want….but yes, my obsessive/ compulsive mind is already planning how I’ll start training again…AND, do lots of fun stuff with Spec…which I am so excited about.

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