Another month!

Here is a good way to keep up your running if you are 25 weeks pregnant:

Have your Dr appt rescheduled twice due to your Dr being overwhelmed with extra on call shifts.
Get a work in slot on an already full day.
Make sure the day you come in your Dr has been on call all night, and just came from an emergency surgery. You will have a very long wait this way, but be thankful you have an iphone to help pass the time.
After waiting almost 2 hours, and watching the office fill with about 6 other appts, watch your Dr. come in completely frazzled.
Sit back for your appt, while she only has time to do routine things. The fact that you have been a difficult patient, begging to keep running will likely be forgotten as your poor Dr tells you she hasn’t seen her kids in several days.
Whew, dodged another bullet. Looks like I get at least one more month before another medical running restriction may happen.
Seriously, if running was making me feel bad, I wouldn’t joke around like this, but when the temps have been consistently nice, and it is actually easier now, than it was a month or 2 ago, it is hard to think about cutting back. But, like I said, I picked the right day to come in when we were supposed to discuss another potential mileage decrease. Didn’t happen, so the Turkey Trot can remain on my radar.

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