A little inspiration…

It was very inspiring to watch the New York marathon last weekend. I honestly have never had any desire to do it…it seems like it would be so expensive and it is extremely difficult to get a lottery slot, and logistically a bit of a pain in the butt. As I have gone through my running restriction, I have been ok with getting off trail running. It is so much more time consuming than road running that I know after Spec is born, it will be unlikely I can return to it any time soon (at least the rough technical trails). I have been getting my road legs back though, and as I have said before, I am very excited for my first return marathon. It was wonderful to hear the women’s winner of the marathon took time off to have 2 kids. I read an interview with her, and she said she had gained 40 pounds and the comeback took awhile, and getting the weight off was tough. I certainly hope not to gain 40 pounds! I have no idea how long it will realistically take me to get the point I can run a marathon again. I feel really good on my runs, and I am sometimes frustrated I can’t keep running when I feel great. Picking a magic number to stop at does seem pretty silly, when I have to wonder, if I go past it will I just implode or something? But I am playing by the rules I was given.

I have to pinch myself from time to time and realize in the big picture all I am doing different is not doing long runs. I am fortunate I can do what I am doing, and I am staring to hold my breath a little bit. I am now 6 1/2 months pregnant, and starting to reach the timeline that I have been told by many folks I will quit running. I keep wondering if it comes down to just one run that tells me to quit, or can I pull off my goal of running until delivery time? So far, I have found I hit a patch where everything physical I do gets hard, and I ride it out a bit, and then things normalize. This was a great week that I felt really strong and did 2 yoga classes, one that totally kicked my butt and left me sore for half the week, but it felt great to know I am still in the game. In the evenings I am still pretty pooped, and get winded just doing normal household chores. Mike asked me how I am really running when I couldn’t vacuum without getting out of breath. I feel like I start my day with a full take and the gauge just keeps going down as the day goes by, so running first thing in the morning has worked well in allowing me to keep it up. I guess when I look at how big Spec has gotten it’s no wonder I can barely move by 8pm.
I am hoping to get Spec a couple more races. I hope to do the Turkey Trot 10K while we are out of town for Thanksgiving. The only reason I couldn’t is logistics, and family obligations. There are a few things locally in December, but I am waiting to make sure I don’t have another dreaded restriction placed on me before I fork over entry fees.
Spec already is making me busier with all the prep work for his arrival. There is a lot of shopping to do, doctor appts, house reorganizing, etc. Plus, there is the strong desire to get a lot of activities in now that will go away when he is here. Most yoga classes will ends, movies for Mike and I together, and pretty much anything happening after work. So, yes, I am stacking my schedule with a lot right now, and still being told by all my friends with kids “You only think you are busy, you really aren’t.” Yikes…a scary thought that sometimes keeps me up at night (that and leg cramps). I am still scared of drifting into chaos when I return to work. I just have to tell myself that people do it all the time and seem to survive, so hopefully I will too.

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