Pancake has the right idea here. This is how I am trying to spend more time, sleeping. I am entering the 3rd trimester, and have been warned the fatigue rebounds, and so far I agree!

I really appreciate my friends who have been willing to run with me as I slow down and can’t make it through a run without a stop. I had a great danish run on Wednesday. Mark and Meredith met me, and at one point I glanced at my watch and we were at an 8:10 pace! Now, I did slow it down a bit, but I wasn’t dying. Not at all bad for a fat girl. Maybe I can pull off a Boston qualifier after Spec is born after all, if I can run sub 9s with the little parasite flip flopping while I run and settling in on my bladder. He now supposedly weighs at least 2 pounds!
It is also nice to have Stephanie meet me at ungodly hours on other days. Thursdays I start my run at 445 am, and she is willing to meet me. Some days I start out pretty slow due to being so tired, but by the end we are still cranking out 9 minute pace. Just having someone to chat with helps.
Steve has been meeting me Sundays, and slowing his pace waaaaaay down to run with me. I know it is a sacrifice on his part, but it is a welcome break from Mueller. Steve and I have trained for many big races together and it makes me feel like old times. I really hope I can keep this up a couple more months. We also always follow with a good breakfast….
And then there is the Saturday Old Guy and the Fat Girl run. This run seems to now officially rotate between a town lake trail loop or a hilly Pecos loop. It is fun to catch up with Wesley and Joe (aka Wesraven), and occasionally we get a guest appearance by Teresa, or Steve and Meghan might join us for a mile or so. It is nice to see all the other Austin runners out, even if everyone seems to be training for a marathon, and I’m not….but at least I still feel like I am part of the crowd.
Keeping up these runs has meant the world to me. This am was the first time in about 3 weeks I haven’t run. Mike begged me to take a morning off, so I complied with his request. The extra sleep was nice, and now I am looking even more forward to being out on the town lake trail tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Sleepy…”

  1. You are an inspiration with all the running you are still getting in. Time is going by so fast I can't believe you are already in your 3rd trimester. Keep it up and it will be over with before you know it.

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