Doesn’t Pancake look fast here? I wish I could run like that!

Due to a minor mishap this week, my running routes are a little more limited. Let’s just say I don’t see that well in the dark, and I am fine now. Looks like a lot of runs at Mueller for me now since it is very well lit. On the upside, it is still running, and I would rather run multiple loops than not run at all. I still throw town lake into the mix, just gotta wait until it is light out, but most of the time I run earlier than that. Spec’s races also look a little scant. The Turkey Trot will probably just be too difficult to escape to with family obligations and one rental car for all of us while we are off visiting Mike’s dad over Thanksgiving. I was set to recruit a partner for the Decker Relay, until I saw the price is now $100, so $50 each to run a 10K. No can do. I couldn’t register way in advance,when it was cheaper, because I didn’t know if I was going to get too fat to run, and I just can’t do $50 for a 10K. It’s a matter of principal. There are a couple other things in December that are possibilities, but I may just have to wait until post delivery to race again.
I am nervously awaiting my next Dr appt. I was due to go in this week, but because of the holidays, it got pushed back another week. I am now 7 months pregnant, and was told by a lot of people that I would not be running past 6 months. I am desperately hoping I don’t get another running restriction. I think I’ve gotten a little slower in the last couple weeks, but it still isn’t difficult for me at all. Which is strange…I have such a hard time doing a lot of other things. I take the stairs no matter what at work. We have 9 floors, and while I never usually need to go up 9 flights of stairs, I routinely go up 3-4 flights. I sure get winded now. I have to stop at the top and catch my breath, and I feel like an idiot in front of all the residents who seem to be the only other people who take the stairs. They probably think I am some lost, swollen up heart failure patient or something. Household chores are harder…but I want to keep it all up. I think of it as training for birth and the recovery. Which, I am really starting to look forward to and think about more. It’s been kinda fun and all, having Spec live in me for a few months, but I am starting to feel more and more ready for him to move out. I can tell he is starting to run out of room, because his movements are different now. Kinda cool he is running out of room, and kinda scary too…he has at least 3 more pounds to gain at minimum. Overall though, I think I am doing pretty good on managing the discomforts. I do credit being active with helping not get too stiff and tight. On one hand I feel like I don’t have that much longer, but on the other hand, if I were to become inactive now, I still have a long time that I could get pretty tight and inflexible in.
Some of the good things I’ve noticed are: people in general are much nicer to me when I look too big to move. Having a giant gut makes my butt look much smaller than it really is. I can be a picky eater and get away with it. I don’t feel guilty telling someone I am just too tired to make it to an event, and they seem to understand.
So, the countdown continues. Hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for this year…

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  1. "Having a giant gut makes my butt look much smaller than it really is."That's funny. My growing gut just took my butt along for the ride. They are both now what I would consider "giant" :-).

  2. Climbing stairs is good! I think I finally had to cave and take the elevator when we got to the hospital for delivery and had too much stuff to take the stairs. But… it's different afterward, harder to bring the stroller up the stairs 😉

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