Pancake is thankful she is getting a new couch…

I am sitting here enjoying the fact I can be a little lazy before we have to head to the airport and fly to Mike’s dad’s in Florida. I have my fingers crossed I’ll be able to make out some type of running route there.

Pancake won’t be happy not having me cook a turkey at home, but she will be getting a new couch soon. Mike and I ordered some new furniture, since we figured it’s now or never. Have I mentioned I hate the fact our old couch is gigantic, way too soft, and doesn’t really fit in the very small space that is our living room? We are getting something much more 1960s inspired. Just a few more weeks until it is here. Also got a new dresser with space for a tv. We’ve been using Mike’s dresser from the 1970s forever and it has always been hideous. Once again, we figured if we don’t get something now we never will. Buying furniture stings…it is one heck of a spendy purchase, I tried Craig’s list, but unless you know exactly what you want, it’s sorta painful. Anyhow, hopefully we’ll make this new stuff last awhile.
Giant Spec seems to be doing well. Everyday I hold my breath wondering how the run will go, and they are still going fine. I read on a website that your husband is supposed to get you a gift now for having a baby. I asked Mike for an entry into the 2010 San Antonio marathon. He said “you would just get yourself that anyways…that’s not really a present.” But I told him that is what I really want. I would much rather be back in the training game than anything else, and a goal race is what I crave. Anyone else care to join me? You have a little less than a year to train if you start now….
Well, gotta start getting ready to head out. Packing wasn’t too hard when I have about 3 pairs of pants. Maternity clothes have proven to be a nightmare. Yes, there are some really nice things out there, but who in the hell wants to pay $80-$150 for pants you’ll wear a few months?!? The only place I found with anything that didn’t fall apart and fit well is the Gap. But the clothes cost more than their regular clothes. What’s up with that? It sucks I am not crafty and couldn’t just make a couple things, but I have a lifetime of abandoned craft attempts. It is just not the hobby for me. It’s ok…I sure admire people who make stuff like Heather and Melissa, but I have accepted I have other talents.
Happy Thanksgiving. If you are in Austin enjoy the Turkey Trot, and the Chuy’s parade. I am sorry to be missing them.

3 thoughts on “Pancake is thankful she is getting a new couch…”

  1. I'll make you a pair of maternity pants if you want :)Although they're not very stylish and I'm always pulling the ones I wear up all the time!! Have you checked Old Navy? I like their maternity clothes and they're affordable.

  2. I feel for you both on maternity clothes. I actually found my best pair of maternity pants at Savers, but I suppose that's like winning the lottery. I wore more skirts and dresses during pregnancy than ever before.I never knew about this husband/wife pre-baby gift. I feel so cheated.

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