One year ago…

Here is a picture from a McKinney Falls hike about a year ago. On this exact weekend last year, I was doing “Deckmart”. The Sunmart 50K on Saturday followed by the Decker half marathon on Sunday. It’s on of the tougher running weekends I’ve done, but I had so much fun. It sure did hurt though! That was 31 miles Saturday followed by 13 hilly miles Sunday. Now I am lucky to do 7. It’s so funny how things can drastically change. But, I am thankful that I am running less for a good reason and not a bad one!

I am in the phase where sometimes pregnancy seems like it will be over soon and sometimes it seems like I still have a really long ways to go. About 2 months are left, but first babies often like to come late. Please don’t do that to me Spec! I still continue the pattern of getting uncomfortable for a day, thinking my running my be over, then rallying back the next day and feeling better. I just have to hold on a couple more months! At my last Dr appt, she seemed ok with running, since I am forced to stop about every 2 miles to go to the bathroom, and it’s not like I just race through a 10K as fast as I can.
I am looking forward to redoing my training though. I used to be much more specific with what I did when I was running faster. I did shorter races and really pushed, and ran shorter quicker runs for training. When I switched to ultrarunning, it was all about getting in lots of miles, and I had a drastic slow down, I’ve never been able to come back from. I know having Spec, plus a full time job will force me to do quicker more efficient training runs, whether I want to or not. Maybe not a bad thing. It might help me regain some speed, and really carefully plan what I am doing. I hope to be able to run a Boston qualifying marathon time, and improve my 50K time by this time next year. It will be all about the local races for at least a year or 2, but luckily we have a lot here. Not much longer…

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