Alien Spec…

Stephanie had given me the very thoughtful gift of a gift certificate for a 3D ultrasound. Yesterday I went for the appt. Now, all the babies’ features pretty much look the same in these things, so there is nothing that is real unique to Spec in this picture, but it is fun to see how he is positioned, and watch what the movements I feel really are. At my last Dr appt, she said he was already head down, and I guessed he was in a left position. I was correct. His butt and spine run along my left and his legs extend into my right. Any movement I feel lower is his hands and arms. I also questioned how much the tech was telling me that they just say to everyone, since this is all for fun, and not diagnostic, of course they try and make the experience fun for you (some comments were pretty easy to guess that everyone else got the same info “Oh, these are the best images I’ve had all day!”) One thing I do wonder how accurate it is, is she said I have tons of amniotic fluid, and that he’s got a lot of room still. If that is true, that is good news, that he still has lots of space to grow without me getting any bigger. I am pretty inclined to think that is correct, because I have more or less been the same size for several weeks, yet he is still growing. They ask you if you already know the sex, and since I did, the tech did a 3D penis image and took a shot which I found creepy and weird. Do people put that kinda thing in a baby book now? Anyhow, it was fun to see him, and there is now a possibility I am down to single digits in weeks until he is born. Of course he is allowed to go a couple weeks post term, but if he wants to come at 38 weeks I would be happy!

It got crazy cold this weekend, and while yesterday was a little chilly for me (but pretty), today was warmer and a nice winter run. It was hard not to feel a little longing for the races this weekend since it was the Texas Endurance runs (previously Sunmart) and Decker half marathon. I tried to enjoy the fact the trail was empty this am, and it was cold enough to feel invigorated, but not so cold as to be uncomfortable. Still able to run, no real pain, just slower without trying to be slower, and the constant bladder discomfort that never goes away. It will be weird to run without bladder pain. I’ve had it now for 4 months, and have kinda got used to it. I still will be glad not to have it!
Still slacking on my holiday efforts. There is a lot going on this year, and I’m just not that into Christmas. Hopefully next year will be different. In addition to Spec preparations and appts, we have our new furniture being delivered in chunks, so I’ve not wanted to decorate the house, having it in a constant state of moving things around. I guess the best things about the holidays, is this year it serves as a distraction helping time go by faster. Hopefully February will be here soon!

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