Ok, here is the fat suit part II, or 32 weeks, aka 8 months! Remember, it always seems like more to say months than weeks, at least to me. Still running. Did the town lake loop Saturday and Sunday this week. Still moving along at about 9 minute miles. Just a little longer to keep it up. Still feels good, other than those pain in the butt bathroom stops.

For the Spec news, he measures where he should, which is a little big for a small person like me. It turns out my doc will do one ultrasound at the end to assess his true size, so I should hopefully have a little idea ahead of time how feasible it will be to get him out! Melissa wrote a great birth story on her blog, about her home birth. Of course I’ve been reading up a lot on different births, and I’ve seen plenty while I was in nursing school. We had the option to do a one day home birth observation rotation, and I did not do it. I saw just about every hospital scenario though, and while student nurses don’t do a lot for the actual birth, we did do a lot of immediate baby care, and LOTS of time on the mother/ baby unit. I definitely see some of the points of home birth, but being a hospital based nurse, there is a lot about our western medicine that I find valuable. The nice thing I have is a physician that I know really well, and who knows me, and I trust that what ever her birth recommendation is, that is the best thing for me. Of course, I prefer no C-section, just to return to activity sooner, but we’ll just have to see what happens. I am trying to remain positive that I can handle whatever gets thrown my way, as I tend to lean towards resiliency.
Some good news is, we did get a Bob stroller. I feel spoiled….this was pretty high up on my “wish list”. I am actually going to take it on some practice loops around the block sans baby to see how I do. These things are much better than the jogging strollers of the past with the huge front wheel that stuck out so far. It’s really light too although I’ll be adding some weight with the car sear adapter and a heavy car seat, but heavy or not that stroller may be my only ticket to sanity.
Our couch finally arrived. While my styling skills do not do it justice, here it is. I am happy with it. It reminds me of Mad Men, and it is MUCH more comfortable than our soft squishy overstuffed couch. I’ll probably be spending A LOT of time on this in the upcoming months.

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  1. You look fantastic! And yeah– your couch does, too. I'm wishing you a very smooth and uneventful birth with record recovery time. Gotta keep that Spec running, or he might rebel.

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