Merry Christmas Spec…

Ok, so it’s not really his first Christmas, but he did

get some gifts. Although he has enough onesies to get started, I could not resist the little lebowski onesie. Mike would have never forgiven me if I hadn’t got it.
Once Christmas is over, I feel like the countdown really starts. The month of January is about all I have left…and it is totally booked full already. So much for resting. I’ve got a couple of baby showers to attend, not including mine, it’s Mike’s birthday, I’m taking a computer class, we’ve got a couple Spec classes, plus, while we have a beautiful baby room, I’ve yet to buy any of the daily use items….that will be a long list and a long Target trip, and I need to wash all his stuff…..and oh yeah, I’m trying to make a deadline at work. Yikes!!! It will all get done somehow. I am so glad for the couple of holiday days….ahhhh, a chance to sleep!
Speaking of, I had no idea that pregnancy makes it so hard to sleep. I heard all the late 3rd trimester discomfort horror stories, of being unable to sleep, but my last uninterrupted night of sleep was back in July. I know it will get MUCH worse with a baby, but I guess the irony is it would be nice to rest up now. Between getting up for the bathroom and reflux, I get up at least 3 times a night. Just another one of those, “no one told me about this” things I now know.
It is bitter cold here for Texas. I am running partner-less for a few days, and this morning took every ounce of motivation I had to get out there. It was cold, wet, and I’m not exactly comfortable these days, but I made it. Having Pancake with me helped. Tomorrow is supposed to be 27 degrees in the am. Ahhh I am such a wimp. Gotta remember…I need to run while I can. Each day at this point could be my last run for awhile.
Well, gotta get back to 24 hours of A Christmas Story….

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