The Little Owl…

Why do I have a picture of a cantaloupe? Because Spec now weighs this much. He has picked up a new nickname lately: “The Little Owl”, or “Owlie” in reference to his night owl ways, although it sounds like all babies are up most the night before they are born (and after!). Had an appt today I was a little nervous for since I have developed some low abdominal pain. I thought maybe I had pulled a muscle, as it has been sore to walk. I’ve been running, but a little slower. Luckily my doctor reassured me it is just normal pain as the Little Owl moves lower. That was good news. So, I can run and just deal with whatever discomforts come my way, but there’s nothing bad going on. I got another ultrasound so she could assess his size. I think I was secretly hoping she would say he is big enough that we would need to pick a date to induce so I would know his birthdate, but alas, he is actually a little small, but she said quite a good size for me, currently weighing in at 4 1/2 pounds, at 33wks and 4 days old. He is also head down still, as he should be, so everything seems to point to me just having to wait for nature to run its course, since he’s not too big and in position. This means I could have the dreaded wait up to 2 weeks after my due date. So, Owlie and I had a little talk where I promised him great things if he would agree to come out at 38 weeks. We’ll see if he listened…

1 thought on “The Little Owl…”

  1. I hope "the little owl" listens to you and comes on time or even a little early. Glad you are doing well and still getting out there and running. Hope you have a Happy New Year.

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