Better living through chemistry…

Well, I am writing in between vicodin induced hazes. I’ve never taken narcotic pain meds in my life, and never thought I would, but you cannot take ibuprofen the last trimester of pregnancy, and my doctor talked me into trying the vicodin. Good thing too….it seems to take the edge off enough that I relax a little and let the muscles start to loosen. I think tomorrow I can go back to work. Steve reminded me that Rush Limbaugh and I now have something in common (besides being a little rotund), we both have vicodin addictions. hehe….Seriously, there is a time and place for pain meds, that is for sure.

Thanks to everyone who called and offered to help me out if needed. I am doing much better, and I think there is a good chance I’ll be back on the trail this weekend.
Now, I think I am medicated enough to attempt a shower….I was getting kinda gross.

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