Today was Kitty’s baby shower. It was fun, her friend hosting did a Hello Kitty theme hence the cookies. It was fun for someone else to be the center of attention, and get lots of gifts. Kitty got a lot of breastfeeding supplies. None of it looks to pleasant to use; I guess I’ll get to find out.

I am feeling like I’ve made more progress on my back and frustrated at the same time. Everyday I get a little more mobility back, but when I was at zero on Tuesday, I still have a ways to go. I got a massage last night with Kevin, who I have gone to for years, and he felt it was not a pregnancy complication. I will clarify that being almost 9 months pregnant certainly doesn’t help and makes things worse, but he felt it was a classic case of a couple compressed discs, and now all surrounding muscles have clamped down and refuse to move. The work he did certainly helped, and I could walk a little more today. I went to yoga, and it felt great to get some exercise after a few days of not being able to even really walk. He told me to wait to start walking/ running until I was no longer limping, and without a doubt I still limp, so that is where I am frustrated….I just wish I could at least walk. I am going nuts not being able to do stuff around the house, and I think Mike is a little tired of yelling at me to stop as I start trying to get into projects at home. I know all the advice of think positive, it’s only temporary, etc, but it is just very challenging to have my mobility so limited, and not worry a little that my back won’t return to normal. I remain hopeful that the progress will continue and it won’t be too much longer until I can at least walk.
In other goings on, we have birth classes where I thought it was only one session, but it is really 3. I didn’t feel like I needed to go since I’ve done stuff as a nurse and back in nursing school, but since Mike has never been to a birth, I signed us up. It wasn’t too bad…..and it never hurts to hear things again….I just didn’t realize it was a multiple class deal….so we’ve got 2 more weeks. I am also trying to buy the last of the baby items, as after 35 weeks, the advice is to be prepared. Still got a ways to go, but it should easy to get in a couple of shopping trips.
With the back incident this week, I have hit the wall, and I think I am done with being pregnant. Everyone tells me I will wish I was still pregnant when I have the Little Owl, but I am ready to be abled bodied again, and start figuring out how my new life will work. Patience has never been one of my strong points. I have a Dr. appt Monday, and she will start checking if I have any signs of dilation. I am doubtful this early, but I am happy to be in the beginning of the home stretch.

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