My new best friend…

Well, here is where I have been spending a lot of my time lately. Michelle got me hooked up with the great bike mechanics at Jack and Adams, and the nice folks there also helped me pick out some new kicks (try not to laugh at them, Steve). PeeWee (my bike’s name) should really be renamed Lazarus…as he is back from the dead. All gears work, he’s clean as can be, and rides great! I never had shoes that fit properly, and these make a HUGE difference. I’ve been throwing on a DVD before work, and sweating away. I was thrilled the other day, to have my shirt soaked, and I told Mike “Look! Sweat! I am so happy!” He told me I have a sickness, but I think he likes living with me much better when I can work up a sweat. I am still sad I can’t run, but at least I am keeping up my aerobic fitness. I have a suspicion I won’t be able to walk right until I get Spec out. At first I think my walking issues were all my hurt back, but now I think Spec has taken over where my back left off. I am 4’11” with a starting weight of 100 pounds and, have 6 + pounds of him living in me, plus his water based “home”, so I can’t imagine it isn’t causing me some issues. Anyhow, maybe I’ll actually start developing some leg muscles soon…I am also piling on the yoga. I go as much as I can. I don’t know if any of this will make re-entering the running world any easier. This is the longest I’ve gone without running since I was 15 years old, and I could potentially have a couple more months without my daily run. I am slowly wrapping my head around what it could be like to start back at ground zero. Mike swears my legs will remember at least a little, but we’ll see.

Not much else going on but dragging my tired butt to work, and hoping maybe I’ll get a scheduled induction (really wishful thinking…there is no reason for my doc to do so)…but it would be nice to know an end date to work. At this point I go in everyday thinking it could be a week or 2 more of work…or it could be a month. I am a little tired of getting comments all day about my funny walk. Yes, I am all too aware I don’t walk correctly. I know people mean well, but it is a little embarrassing.
Not much left to do before the Little Owl gets here. I think I have finally purchased most of his stuff, or received it as a gift. Trying to make some stuff to freeze here and there so we have some homemade food to eat. I have a couple more things to get this weekend, and I think that is it….so he just needs to arrive!!!!!

4 thoughts on “My new best friend…”

  1. Good for you for riding the trainer! I hate it, but know it is good for me. I actually got on for 30 minutes today – I've only ridden a few times since the beginning of November!

  2. Hey, Clea! With my broken elbow, I haven't been able to lift weights for 6 weeks. Combined with cold mornings that keep me from running outside (cause I'm a wuss), my fitness hasn't been so great lately. I finally got clearance to hit the gym this week. Nell says it has made an enormous difference in my mood. I guess I have been a little cranky….

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