We’re going home…

The Little Owl and I get to go home later today. He did live up to his nickname and was up a lot last night. Oh well….we can work on that. I feel like I have been here forever….so I am ready to head home and start to figure out what our schedule will be like.

Yesterday my doctor laughed that she was writing an order for me to decrease activity (usually it’s hard to drag patients out of bed, and the order is to increase the patient’s activity), but there was a chance of being here yet another day due to high blood pressure. It’s better now, and she said I can walk all I want at home. Jasper and I can’t wait to try the Bob running stroller. We just need the rain to stop!

3 thoughts on “We’re going home…”

  1. I bet you'll be out and about in record time. So glad you all are healthy and happy. But take my word for it: Not fun things can happen if you push it just after having baby (I ended up in the ER when Sayer was 10 days old). Taking it easy in the first month or so will help you snap back much faster once you get going, at least that proved true for me with Hadley.

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