"Running" update…

As this is a running blog, gotta mention my running. I walked 2 miles yesterday, pain free!!! Little Owl came with me in his Bob stroller. It worked fine unless we got onto gravel, and it was a little bumpy for his head, although he seems to have excellent head control for a newborn. It was fun when a couple folks commented on how “new” he looked, and I got to brag that he was only 5 days old out on his first walk! I totally felt like I could run, but I swore to my doc with Mike there that I would not run until my blood pressure returned to normal. I think it’s close though. We’re going to walk again today, and maybe early next week I’ll start running. Owlie definitely cannot run in his stroller for a while, so I’ll have to run solo with Mike’s help to keep an eye on Mr Fuss-Fuss (I am really into nicknames…. 🙂

2 thoughts on “"Running" update…”

  1. This is the best pic of Jasper so far– He looks like both of his parents. By the time I get back to Austin, you will already be running circles around me! Maybe you will slow down for me and we can go for a wee run finally.

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