"Running" update…

Brisk 4 mile walk yesterday with Meredith in between rain showers (thank you, Meredith!!!) I actually broke a little sweat got my heart rate up!!! Whoo-hoo!!!! ALMOST ready to run.

This is what Jasper did during my walk. This is not the best way for him to do his marathon training…
Ok….new info…I just got back from my blood pressure check, and it is still crazy high. Ugggg….until it normalizes I can’t start back up training. The good news is I am starting blood pressure medicine, so I hope that fixes it. I would much rather take a pill than lay in bed, and obviously that didn’t work. While I am happy and thankful Jasper is a healthy baby, I admit I am kinda frustrated with sitting around the house when minus a little headache, I feel pretty good considering I am 8 days postpartum. I am anxious to get my baby weight off, and I don’t see it happening with my current activity level, and I am pretty hungry since I am Jasper’s primary food source…so I am not exactly eating salads. Anyhow, I like this plan better than going back to the hospital, and at least I can still walk, but as I am sure all my friends know, I have been dying to go for a run for over a month…and right now riding a bike trainer is not something I can do (ouch). I keep telling myself it could be much worse, and it won’t be long. It’s just a little tough for me to be on the couch marathon weekend, but at least I have company in the form of a tiny Little Owl.

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