One year ago…

I found this in my photo library, and it is exactly 1 year before Jasper’s birth. I remember we went hiking at the greenbelt, as I wasn’t running much that week, to try and recover before the marathon, after running a 50 miler the week before.

Now I would be happy to make it 6 miles. Well, I think I could….I just have a few issues holding me back. Today I walked 5 miles. I am actually a little sore, but it feels great. It is just disgusting out, being cold and damp, so there is no way Jasper can come with me. Last night I had a little melt down, as I didn’t make it out for my walk until 6pm and it was cold and dark, and I just walked about a million circles around our very small block. I realize that may happen from time to time. This morning I was determined to have a better walk and got out early. While I am not cleared to run, I threw in a couple jogging steps, and it all seems to go pretty well….just a few little issues still that I am hoping are all part of recovering from delivery. I have to remind myself I’ve only been home from the hospital 1 week. Today I did a full yoga DVD too, I could have gone to my regular class, but I didn’t quite feel ready to leave Jasper yet and be that far away. With the super foul weather though, I suspect it won’t be long until full blown cabin fever sets in and Mike and I start alternating outings.
All in all things are going well. Sure, there are little moments here and there that are challenging, but I think we are doing pretty good.
I planned out my return to racing while I walked today. I think I will do the Capital 10K, because I figure certainly by April I’ll be able to run 10K (I hope). There are other things that will just have to wait and see how the running progresses.
Oh yeah, and we got the Wii out to play today, and I weighed in on it. While I definitely need to tone up, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Yay!

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