Mr Fuss-Fuss…

Here’s Mr Fuss-Fuss after another Dr appt, and modeling his beautiful hand knit sweater, courtesy of Melissa. Notice I never seem to dry my hair, but at least I am taking showers.

We had to take Jasper to the Dr today for a little abscess on his bottom. A normal person would not have worried about it, or probably noticed it, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and as a nurse I noticed it right away, and all I could think about was patients I’ve had where we drained a cup of pus out of what looked like a little pimple. It seems he’ll be just fine…but I was very concerned, and felt pretty bad torturing him with a little needle poke in his butt to drain it, but we do not want pus! We also discovered he is now over 6 pounds! I guess the feedings that torture me are worth the effort.
The weather continues to be dismal, which makes things a little hard, as it keeps us homebound. I did a total suck it up walk this morning in 40 degrees and rain, but I did it. Keeps getting better and better, so I am very encouraged the running will happen soon. I’ve been wearing my Garmin and have logged 17 miles so far this week. I now own a blood pressure cuff and have to log it along with taking meds, but it seems to be drifting down…although I said that before, but I remain hopeful.

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