Happy Due Date, Jasper!

The sun came out today…whew. So Jasper and I had a first…our first solo car trip. Granted it was not a long drive, but it was my first time to manage a car seat, stroller, and getting it all in and out of the car by myself. No SNAFUs, and Jasper and I met Meredith for a walk, and then continued on our own. This picture is of Jasper after his walk….it wore him out. I also did another solo outing this morning and went to yoga class again. So, hopefully I am keeping up fitness. Tomorrow I hope to get in a couple jogging miles, and we are planning a family walk at town lake. Life is much better when we can get out!

These flowers were a surprise Valentine’s present from Mike. We never do Valentine’s day, and I’ve been fine with that. I’m pretty thrifty and generally hate to have him spend money on gifts, but the flowers were a wonderful surprise. I’m in a strange happy and bummed out state at the same time. It’s hard to have this be marathon weekend, and I’m out for the first time in 10 years, but on the other hand I am very happy to finally have Jasper here. The flowers were a nice surprise and really cheered me up…plus they are gorgeous!
Today is Jasper’s official due date. I am so glad he decided to make his debut earlier.

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