I am currently starring at Jasper in his bassinet, hoping he’ll take a little snooze so I can move from my spot on the couch and do a yoga DVD. He really is a mellow baby, and he’s not crying, just awake. I don’t always know what kinds of activities a newborn finds entertaining. Right now we’re listening to the Into the Wild soundtrack. I am not normally an Eddie Vedder fan, but this is a very good album. I also keep spinning around his black and white mobile, but he seems like he could care less. I have started carrying Jasper in the Ergo . Sometimes he loves it, sometimes not. I think its tragic flaw is it gets hot. And I suspect when he’s not loving it, it is because he is hot. It is nice to have him upright and for me to be handsfree while I am home though. Ok, he’s now on my chest and I am using my one handed typing. But, I see hints of sleep. One of our big activities is walks. So far we’ve just done Mueller, Hyde Park, and lots of circles around the block. This week, weather permitting, I hope to venture out a little more. There is a paved trail at McKinney Falls, so we may try that.

Yesterday we did our first shopping trip. His aunt Jodi and cousin McKenna came to visit and we went to the Steeping room and the Domain. I am not normally a shopper, but I was so happy to be out in warm weather, and looking at non-maternity clothes for the first time in about 10 months, that I was loving it. Jasper did pretty good. I brought a bottle, so I had my first outing where we needed to stop so he could eat. I know none of this sounds like a big deal, but each little thing I add to our agenda takes planning I’ve never had to do before, so there is a lot of trial and error.
Ok, now Jasper is in the Ergo, sleeping, still no chance of me doing my yoga, but at least I have 2 hands again, and we can walk around the block a few times. But, despite all of the new challenges in my life, I try and constantly remind myself I am pretty darn lucky and to savor these moments…Jasper won’t always be little enough to be strapped to my chest, fast asleep.
My running is going pretty good. My 6 mile loop seems a little easier, but I still am pretty slow. I feel a little stronger each day, and I am starting to envision a training plan. I don’t plan to increase my mileage until 6 miles seems a little easier. I spent about 10 months getting my body out of training mode, so I suspect it will take more than a couple weeks to get it back. The last couple days the weather has been much warmer and that helps motivate me to get out. The damp 30 degree mornings, took everything I had to get out the door.
This week’s goals are to get out a little more, and start re-stimulating my brain. I’ve successfully started exercising again, but since I am not working, my brain isn’t doing much, and the fact I watch a lot of the Olympics and a ton of Netflix instant watch and DVR stuff, isn’t helping. At work, I was a podcast junkie, so I am still listening to Morning Edition podcasts, so I have some some clue what is going on in the world, and I can think about something other than what is happening on Lost and The Office, but I need to start reading again and doing some activites that are a little mentally stimulating. I plan to hit the Blanton museum soon…maybe this week if the weather is bad. My booklist so far is the new Margaret Atwood, and then The Girl Who Played with Fire. Any book suggestions are welcome. I just gotta quit watching curling during the day…

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