Snow Day…

Well, for only the third time in my 15 years here it is snowing. It is very pretty out, and it sure beats cold rain, but it means Jasper won’t be going out today since it is so cold. I did get out and did my 6 miles in it this morning….it was NOT fun, and it meant coming home wet and cold, and then waiting a couple hours before the Little Owl was chilled out enough for me to get in the shower, but I guess these are the new choices I will have to make: Nice long shower, or go for my run. He is currently asleep on my chest in the Ergo carrier, so I am able to do stuff around the house. I’ve never done so much house work as I do since I’ve been home all the time.

It’s been a weird transition to being busy all the time, to being home all the time. I am busy, but in a different sense. I think what makes it challenging, is it happens overnight. There is no easing into it. I went to work on a Friday, and by Sunday I was no longer a part of the workforce and every 2 hours or so I had to feed a newborn who I am completely tethered to. I have read breastfeeding is a “lifestyle” and I am starting to believe it. It makes for a lot of planning. No activity can last longer than a couple hours unless there is a pumped bottle ready for Jasper, or a trip home to feed him. I hope this passing on my immunity stuff proves to true….it is a lot more work to breastfeed than making bottles of formula. Not to make it sound all bad…it isn’t. With Mike’s help I’ve gotten out at least one hour each day, and some days I’ve done 2 outings. In a couple weeks, it will be springlike all the time, and we can come and go as we please. Wearing Jasper in a carrier allows me to do most anything at home. It’s noon and so far today I have done laundry, dishes, vacuumed, make a couple beds, and made vegan cookies. All with Jasper strapped to my chest. It is challenging to change up my routine so much overnight…..I just wonder if I’ll make it until the end of April when I go back to work. On one hand, I love having the time with Jasper, and not having him in daycare, on the other hand, there are moments of feeling not entirely productive.
I am learning to compromise my old indulgences though….I did a hour long yoga DVD yesterday instead of going to class (DVDs are only good if you have prior yoga experience in my opinion, otherwise you can’t push yourself as hard), I’ve been trying to make the most of my 1 hour escape runs. Since my running time is limited, it forces me to make every run a tempo run….although my tempo isn’t very fast yet. Last night I got myself a glass of wine and watched to Olympics and enjoyed it every bit as much as “going out.” Also, I keep reminding myself Jasper won’t be a newborn forever. We are very close to him being old enough to be out more…..and just in time for the wonderful Texas spring. I also finally stashed enough milk in the freezer that I can leave him with Mike a little more. As long as my legs let me, I should be able to do a town lake run soon, and let Mike watch him for a couple hours.
So, we’re trying to our best to transition into a new life. I think we are doing pretty well. I don’t feel frazzled..just a little tired. I am good at taking on challenges and finding a way to make things work, so I am confident I can mesh my old life with my new life to find a balance. I have some tentative 2010 racing plans I’ll write about later that should be doable with Little Owl. So, life is good.

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