…some time to type with both hands. It’s been a busy week. As Jasper and I add more activities to our days, and as it takes longer to do simple tasks in between Jasper needs, I actually felt busy this week. Jasper had his one month Dr appt this week, and he is up to 8 1/2 pounds and 20.5 inches long. So in one month he gained over 2 and a half pounds. Since his only source of weight gain comes from me, I guess that would explain why I am hungry all the time, and still get tired here and there. Some of his clothes are getting too small, and some things there were way too big, are now starting to fit, like these overalls. While he seems like he’s gotten really big to me, I still remind myself a lot of babies are this big at birth! Wow! I am glad I got at least a month of easily carrying him with one hand. One bit of bad news we got at the Dr was not to use the stroller to run with him until he is 6 months old. That seems so far away. We walk in it all the time….as seen in the picture. We take it off road, we take it around the block…it gets lots of use, but the freedom to put him in it and head out for a run without prescheduling with Mike won’t be there for a while. Mike has been very helpful, getting up early to take Jasper while I run, but it would be nice to let him keep sleeping while the 2 of us went out together, not to mention it would be fun for Jasper, but I guess it takes 6 months for babies to get full neck control. So for now, we’ll just keep up our walks.

Running is still going really well. I will be 5 weeks postpartum on Monday, so I still try to keep reminding myself it’s ok if things aren’t 100% perfect, buy I certainly cannot complain. I am running close to 40 miles a week again. I am looking forward to my 6 week postpartum mark, because I’ll add the bike trainer back into my life. It will be a great option on the days Mike goes to work early, or there is some reason I can’t get out the door to run. My run plans have pretty much solidified. There’s a half marathon March 27th, I would like to do…but I am looking for a buddy (hint-hint , Stephanie). Then the Cap 10K in April, and then the Frankenthon Marathon in October with the goal of running a Boston Qualifier. After that, either San Antonio marathon or maybe the Warda 50K. A slight possibility is Rocky Raccoon 50 miler in February….that is a long way off though. And, I don’t know how things will be when I return to work. I know I’ll keep running, I just don’t know how much free time I will have on weekends. There is also the possibility of DFW area races since we have family there that really want as much Jasper time as possible, and there are some great races in the area. The great thing is we have tons of local races, so I can do a lot still without traveling.
Upcoming projects/ plans: more vegan cookies, another postnatal yoga class, working on getting Jasper to sleep in his bassinet all the time (he sleeps very well, as long as he can sleep on top of me…we are getting better with spending the whole night in his bassinet though..), visiting Kitty with her new baby (hopefully very soon!), visiting Song’s new salon, and trying Blue Dahlia cafe, a field trip to Le Boite pastry shop/ box, finishing season 1 of The Tudors.
Lastly, enjoy this great photo of a Blue Heron that Mike took at Town Lake.

1 thought on “Finally…”

  1. Looking at the bird picture, I was wondering why birds stand on one leg:Birds’ legs have an adaptation called “rete mirabile” that minimizes heat loss. The arteries that transport warm blood into the legs lie in contact with the veins that return colder blood to the bird’s heart. The arteries warm the veins. By standing on one leg, a bird reduces by half the amount of heat lost through unfeathered limbs

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