Steve sent me an article on “babywearing“, so I thought it appropriate to put up another picture of Jasper in his sling. This allows me to be hands free around the house. Now that it is warmer, the Ergo carrier just gets too hot with the quilted insert that is needed for an infant. While he seems very content to spend his day this way, I am forced to not make him too content. This week the realization that my leave is half over set in. I will need to start attempting some work at home soon, to see if I can eek out another week to start back the beginning of May. In 6 short weeks though, Jasper will go from sleeping in a sling against me most the day, to being in a day care in a crib. I need to start preparing him for and getting him used to comforting himself. It doesn’t seem fair to him, and I hate having to do it, but I also want the money that work provides to get him whatever he needs. It seems like an unfair choice to be forced to make. With a little accommodation, I could probably get away with wearing him in the sling to work, and getting a good chunk of work done, but that is not how our society works. Babies and kids don’t mix with work. I get a lot of comments about how much time I have taken off. 12 weeks. It seems like a lot when you look on a calendar, but really it’s not that long to spend with your baby before handing him off to a group of strangers. I’m sure the day care is good, and I can visit him at my lunch…but I guess today I started feeling a little sad about it, and I really don’t feel like it’s been that extravagant to spend 3 months of Jasper’s life focused on him and not something else. For now we’ll just enjoy the time while we can. Today we went on a long walk and then he sat in his little chair under a tree while I did some yard work. In between activities he eats and I catch up on one of my many Netflix instant watch shows I am addicted to. Right now he is sleeping in his chair, not his sling, so time to take advantage and do a couple things for me!

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  1. I am just happy that you get to enjoy in for some long days in the spring weather! It would have been tough with the winter we had to have 12 weeks inside with Jasper…but might have made going back to work easier.Can't wait for stroller walk/tire pull outing. You are going to be so embarrassed!!

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