There are some days that are just harder than others. Today spring vanished for a bit and has been replaced with cold rain. After a long, semi-restless night, I headed out for my run in the dark. I got home to find out I had made Mike a few minutes late for work. I hate having to inconvenience him when ever I want to do something. Learning that I am not on my time, but Jasper’s is hard. While Jasper sleeps in 2-3 hours stretches for the most part, here at week 6 of not sleeping more than 3 hours at once, I am a little less tolerant when he wants to sit up for awhile after a night feeding. A lot of being a new mom is trying very hard not to complain. It’s like an ultra run….I signed up for it and I need to accept all that comes with it. Tears and bitching about the bad parts won’t make it better. Does writing on a blog count as bitching?

I rushed to shower, inhale food, pack the diaper bag, try to get Pancake out in the rain and then make it to the postnatal yoga class. Jasper seems to love it, so I want to keep going until I go back to work. Why on such a cold, wet day, was the room at YogaYoga so dang cold?!? Jasper cried through all the parts of class that didn’t involve him (the parts for my yoga!). His hands felt like ice, so I imagine it was just so cold he needed to be held. We left class and he seemed fine. I needed to shop for some basics at Target, and it was still pouring. I managed to forget half the stuff I came for.
One little treat though was I found this chai concentrate there. Since I’ve been on leave from work, I’ve become addicted to $4.00 Starbucks chai lattes. Being currently out of work, I have no business drinking a $4.00 drink several times a week. This chai concentrate is the same as Starbucks, and the whole thing is the cost of 1 drink there. Whoohoo. Thriftiness rocks.
Speaking of thrifty, Steve and I were talking about how most the races have switched from charity fundraisers to a moneymaking business. No need to mention names, but most of us in Austin are familiar with well known running stores/ clubs/ organizations that hold races strictly to make a profit. And, some of these races are quite expensive. It kinda got me thinking that I much prefer to do a run linked to a charity. I know we all need to make a living, but with money being tight for most of us these days, if I am going to blow $30-$100 on an entry fee, it would be nice to know some of it goes to a good cause. The whole discussion we had kinda had me re-evaluating my return to racing. Anyhow, I am pretty wishy-washy about my plans now. I’ll just keep trying to improve, and my fall marathon is a definite, so I’ll keep slowly working towards that.
Well, Jasper just dozed off on the couch, so that means I have 2 hands. Time to get off my butt and get some stuff done…

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  1. I remember the "zombie days" very well. Eventually, sleep will come again. And then it will disappear. And then it will be back. Right now, Ezra has taken to getting out of bed and coming into our room anywhere between 12:30 and 5:30 a.m. We allow him to stay if he makes a pallet on the floor. He's just getting too big (and squirmy) to climb into our bed.As far as charity races go, come run El Scorcho! In three years, we've donated over $10,000 to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And it's a fun midnight run!(www.elscorchorun.com)

  2. I agree with Ryan, come to Fort Worth and run El Scorcho, it would be a fun run! The sleep will come and before too long you won't remember the sleepless nights, at least I don't try too. lol

  3. I have some race numbers, medals, and even awards (just won myself a nifty plaque to donate to the cause)…whenever you are ready I will set up a "race" aid stations with GREAT stuff, and donate any money people want to donate to charity of choice…otherwise just come run for free. Heck I could even bring back the good ole Motive course :)You sure did get a ton accomplished on a "bad" day: run, yoga, errands!! The world better watch out on your good days!m

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