Here is a secret I never knew until now. I can do just about anything I could before I had a baby….it just takes some planning and organizing. So to all the naysayers who told me I would never do this or that…look at me now! Now, there are a few things I can’t do: like go to any of the SXSW day parties this week since it will be too loud for Jasper’s ears, but I never really did much of that before I had him, being completely unhip.

To keep up my running, having Mike’s help has been essential. I check with him on Sunday night, and figure out if there are any days he needs to be to work early, and that becomes my off day for the week. I also check if there are any days I need to change my start time…like if he wants to sleep in a little. I get up feed Jasper, and head out the door, knowing when I get home, I’ll have to feed him again in my sweaty running gear, but at least I am getting my run! On weekends, I’ve been coordinating with Mike whatever he wants to do and picking a day a long run works, and leaving him a bottle of milk to feed Jasper. Also, on Sundays, Mike figures out a day in the upcoming week he can relieve me in the evenings so I can go my “real” yoga class (not the postnatal class I do during the day with Jasper).
Wearing a baby sling or carrier during the day has been key to getting things done. It sometimes takes me awhile, but I’ve been making dinner most nights, keeping a pretty constant stash of vegan cookies, and keeping up with lots of housework. If I didn’t have my hands free, I would be tethered to the couch holding Jasper a lot more than I am. At dinner, I’ll wear him in the sling, and Mike and I can enjoy dinner together without one of us having to hold him.
And, we are still consistently getting at least one outing everyday. Sometimes they are minor…a long walk, or just a shopping trip, but I am out of the house at least a couple hours everyday. I have found that 2 outings is my limit on my own. Mainly due packing and unpacking the car with gear. I had one day of 3 outings, and it kinda wore me out. But, in the evenings with Mike’s help we’ll go out to have dinner, or just to get a beer at a local coffee shop. There are a few places that the car seat stroller combo are tricky, but I’ve learned to keep the sling in the diaper bag for these situations.
Now there are modifications to everything I do. I am by no means saying it is easy…..but it’s better than I thought. There are hard days (see my last post!), but I am trying to remain positive and enjoy the little time I have left until I go back to work.
It’s also not forever. I often forget Jasper is only an infant for 1 year. Yes, I am aware each stage of his childhood will bring new challenges, but old challenges will be over, as many friends have assured me I will get to sleep more than 3 hours at once again. I also will get him out in that stroller for a run eventually, and won’t have to plan every run with Mike. I also keep telling myself I have a lot of running years ahead of me. No, I probably won’t do another 100 miler this year. But I have a long time to do another one. It will be so much more fun when Jasper can help crew for me. I am curious if it will seem easier after over 24 hours of labor.
And time does go fast. He is so big I cannot believe he was once under 6 pounds. I have a bag of clothes already that he has outgrown. He recently graduated out of newborn size diapers into size one. Even though it is exciting to see him grow, a little part of me is sad he is no longer so tiny….even though I look back to the very beginning a remember some of the challenges I’ve already completed.
Well, we are about to head out for outing #2….

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