More like 10.5. Thanks to Steve joining me, I got my first double digit run in since June!!!! Yesterday Stephanie was nice enough to join me in horrendous weather. It was cold, windy, and just pouring rain. I had planned 10, and ended up doing 7. It was crazy conditions to be running, and it was one of those runs where I stripped down in the garage and dashed right into the shower, because I was SOAKED. This morning, I took full advantage of having company, and did a great route through my ‘hood that ended up being 10.5. I think I have a route to put in my regular rotation. A long run that doesn’t involve any of town lake or Tarrytown. Not that I don’t love running there, but there are other neighborhoods in Austin! And we ran hills too! I felt great, and could have kept going.

Now I know a lot of my running friends probably don’t think much of a 10 mile run, and there was a time it would have been a short run for me…but as I ramp back up, it’s like being a new runner, and each run feels like a new milestone. I feel like my running blog used to be a lot more interesting with all day trail runs, and races with long distances, and extreme terrain. Now, I take jaunts around my east Austin neighborhood and have no epic races on my radar. Well, having Jasper around really makes me appreciate things more, and each time I drag myself out to run on 3 hours sleep, and run along Manor Rd, for yet another day, instead of being somewhere more interesting, I tell myself, the best run I’ve ever done is the one I am on right now. Steve pointed out this morning, there’s nothing wrong with just running. The races and challenges will come, but for now, I mentally feel like I just completed a goal race. I am back to long runs!
In the photo, dangling from his car seat, is Jasper’s new friend, Calamari. It’s hard to tell, but he is a brightly colored squid toy. I love squids (not necessarily to eat, but to look at), so when I found a squid toy, I knew Jasper and Calamari had to become friends fast. This photo was taken on one of Jasper’s many walks. If it looks like he is bundled up, he is. Spring vanished for a couple days, but should be back tomorrow.

1 thought on “10!!!”

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