Yesterday was kind of sad. I had my final pregnancy related doctor appt. I am free now. I can do whatever I want without lectures of “take it easy!” I left with a feeling very similar of what I had when I graduated from nursing school. Something I had spent a huge amount of time on that was a major factor in my life was now over. I thought “what do I do with myself now?” Even though I was starting a new job/ career, and I had now a new adjective to describe myself, nurse, it would be strange to not be in school, and I was losing the “student” part of me forever. Same feeling now. All things pregnancy related are done and over. I am supposedly back to my normal self, and I add “mother” as another self-descriptor. While I complained a lot about being pregnant, and not being able to wait until I could train hard again, a little part of me is sad it is over. But like the end of nursing school, a whole new part of my life begins. And, I mostly have my old body back. I don’t want to be pregnant again, I am glad I got to experience it though, and of course I cannot imagine life without Jasper, even though he’s only been with me a short time. I’m sure in the next few days, I’ll move on and forget about feeling a little sad. It’s not like I don’t have a lot of great things happening to me right now.

These photos have nothing to do with the above ramble. It’s just wonderful food and company I had today at Blue Dahlia Bistro. It was a great day to dine outdoors with Stephanie and Amelia, and Jasper did reasonably well. Would have been nice if he slept the whole time like Amelia, but I am making peace with the fact I will have a very active little boy. That’s ok…he doesn’t tend to freak out too much…he just is awake a lot (well, not right now), and he likes to know what’s going on. Good weather, good company, good food, and a good baby made for a nice outing.

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