The Challenge…

YogaYoga sent out an email about the 40 day yoga challenge. Starting April 1- May 10, the challenge is to do yoga everyday. Doesn’t have to be a class, but every single day you must do some type of yoga. I am in, and I challenge all my running friends to join in as well. If I could, I would go to a class everyday, but time and money prohibit that. I am still trying to go at least once a week, and that is a challenge. I really spoiled myself during pregnancy with classes 3 times a week.

So, if you can make it to a couple classes, go for it. On the other days, after your run, I challenge you to just throw in about 10-15 minutes of poses, and really do them…don’t rush through them and try to focus. You will be a better runner for it. My current goals are to continue to increase my arm strength (which I have seen HUGE improvements it), regain some type of core muscles (since pregnancy ruined them 😦 , get to where I can do more inversions unassisted, and work on heart openers everyday since I spend so much time hunched over holding the Little Owl. Even if your experience with yoga is limited, I challenge you just to do a few down dogs and up dogs everyday for 40 days. I am so convinced that runners need SOMETHING to increase strength and flexibility. We all think we are in great shape, but it can be a real eye opener to do a tough yoga class. Try a vinyasa class…..your butt will get kicked. Anyone who thinks yoga is “too easy” or “just a bunch of stretching and chanting” does not have a clue. But, you can also make it what you want. If you need a little down time with some low key stretches before bed…try some restorative yoga. But, runners should take this challenge, you will be a better runner for it!
Of note…Pancake and Jasper are both joining me in the challenge. Pancake does down dog and up dog all day, and Jasper will do a couple poses everyday with my assistance. If a dog and a baby can do it, so can you!

3 thoughts on “The Challenge…”

  1. I will try. Right now i just started doing P90X and they have a yoga day and do some during their other days as well. It is really hard for me as I am not very flexible but having done it for 1 week I can see a slight difference. Looking forward to getting better.

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