Beautiful spring weekend…

It is nice to have a beautiful spring weekend for my last days of leave. It’s kinda clouded by the fact I have major crud in my lungs, and I am on pins and needles worried that Jasper will get it. I REALLY want to run my half marathon next weekend and have Jasper and Mike out to cheer for me, and a sick baby would cancel that out. I am hoping the only reason I got so run down is my sleep deprivation, and hopefully the fact that I have given Jasper my immunity, instead of keeping it, will help him! Jasper has also decided not to sleep the last 2 nights. Good times. I fell asleep for 2 hours sitting up and then another hour later in the night. And I wonder why my neck hurts…

I had a wonderful weekend of running scheduled, that failed when my alarm didn’t go off. So instead of running my first Scenic loop in a year, I ran my Cherrywood loop solo. It was still a nice run. I go by some great little neighborhoods, and the wildflowers are still rockin’. It may have been for the best I was solo. Ever have a baby 12 weeks ago, get bronchitis and a cough that rattles your whole body? Now try running an 8 minute pace. Let’s just say you’d have to have one bladder of steel to withstand that combo. Thank god for black shorts…
Today we did our family run after I ran a few solo miles. I am getting better with the stroller. We’ll see how sore my arms are tomorrow…
Speaking of sore, baby yoga is making me sore, as now Jasper is 12 pounds. I woke up sooooo sore Saturday after 2 classes in a row, Thursday and Friday. I also think the fact that 2 nights in a row I had slept half my night in a rocking chair made things worse, oh and the fact that I now had crap in my chest to cough up. I had a massage scheduled, and it was much needed. I had looked forward to it all week. Before my appt, Mike and I ate Pho at Pho Saigon in an attempt to get the crud out of my lungs. I swear that stuff is a health tonic. Then we went and got Taro and Green Tea Mochi. I love these little ice cream balls that are the perfect amount if you are a sweet junkie like me and need help to not overdo it. If you have not visited the China Center on North Lamar you really must. Every restaurant is incredible, and you can feast for very little money.
Just got back from today’s baby yoga, and the rest of the day will be some housework and lots of food prep. Sometimes it’s nice to have low key weekends at home. I predict we will have a lot of these in our future!
Up this week: back to work and trying to remember what in the heck I used to do there..oh, yeah, trauma registry, Mike’s solo week with Jasper, and the Heels and Hills Half Marathon.

Balancing act…

I recently got these old photos of Jasper from when he was 3 weeks old. May 1 he will be 3 months old. I can’t believe how little and skinny he looks here. Those socks that are floppy are now too tight. I guess time has flown as today is my “official” last day of maternity leave. We celebrated our last weekday together by going to baby yoga with Kitty and Baby Lia, and then grabbing a bite to eat. The out of control oak pollen has made me sick, so I am really just busy praying that Jasper does not get sick for my first week back to work.

So, now we start our balancing act. How will I make Jasper my priority and maintain work, training, and trying to do fun things as a family (Pancake too!!)….oh, and keep my house clean and organized which is a priority to me. I am not sure how I will do it. I just have to simplify as much as possible. A couple years ago, Runner’s World had a great article on some Olympic Trials runners. Many were moms, and worked full time. I wish I had saved the article….because it is inspiration that it can be done. I don’t think I’ll be volunteering to take on big projects at work for awhile, I won’t feel guilty about paying more money for some pre-made foods at the grocery store, and I have accepted I probably won’t watch a movie in one sitting (more like 2-3 nights!). In other words, I’ll take every conveinence and compromise I am offered in hopes of making the 4 of us happy (me, Mike, Jasper and Pancake!).
Part of my balancing act will be running quality miles, not quantity. I’ve got my training plan for the October Frankenthon from Advanced Marathoning. I will start in about 1 month. Until then I am just trying to maintain and slightly increase fitness. I will have to modify the schedule to fit my life, but having a schedule will hopefully force me to really run some quality runs, not over do it, and keep it motivating, since I now run most of my runs alone. It will also help me not get caught up in what my friends are doing, because I just can’t do what many of them can do. I’ll have too much on my plate, and having my own plan will allow me to focus more on just me.
I would love to hear tips from my friends about how they balance it all. I know a lot of you are doing just what I am doing, but with more than 1 kid. Share your tips for not going crazy!


Jasper was visited this weekend by his Cousin McKenna and his Aunt Jodi. It was nice to have company and an occasional extra set of hands. We suffered a little setback this week, as Jasper was banned from sleeping in his swing, per his pediatrician, due to its potential to turn the back of his head into a serving platter. So, I went from having him waking up one time a night and falling asleep within 30 minutes or so, to waking up every 1.5-2 hours and taking about 3 hours to fall asleep due to his distaste for his bassinet, aka the bed of nails. I admit it was frustrating to revert back to a state I thought we had left behind, and for going back to sleeping just a couple hours a night. Last night I slept for 2 hours upright in a chair (not on purpose, I just fell asleep trying to get the Owl to cooperate), and my neck and upper back are telling me to keep up my yoga. Ouch! Isn’t there some famous quote “You can sleep when you’re dead.”? I guess I’ll keep that in mind.

Anyhow, thank god for baby yoga. We went twice this week and did 2 DVDs at home and I continue to try and master crow pose. Baby yoga has proven to be a godsend….I HIGHLY recommend it to all my friends with babies who are not yet crawling. So the 40 day challenge is really working. I am committed to trying and making this part of my life everyday. I will not be able to run huge mileage for awhile, but I love the idea of still being in the best shape I can be in via other routes. One day I have a goal of taking the yoga instructor training. I am so convinced of its benefits. I also did my first bike trainer session this week too. Poor planning on my part led to a short session, and I mostly just spun my legs, but I am aiming to get back to 1 day a week of a spin workout.
And, my biggest news is I ran 12 MILES!!! Thanks to Mark for joining me for 8 (he was sick, so that handicapped him to my pace), and then Mike met me for 4 more. It went great, and I am so excited about my upcoming half marathon. I am only nervous about sleeping the night before at my sister in law’s, which I suspect means Jasper will not sleep. I definitely see a correlation in my pace to how much sleep I get the night before.
All in all we are doing well. This is my last week of maternity leave and I am at a work conference for 2 days. I am trying to be very optimistic that once Jasper has a week or so in daycare we will adjust. I admit it is a little scary to take on this new challenge of a major change, when I feel like we are still adjusting to life at home, but I just tell myself a lot of other people get through this, so I should be able to also.

Almost over…

I am in the home stretch of my maternity leave. Never has 3 months gone so fast. I did overestimate how much I would do in these 3 months. I had visions of walking town lake everyday, and many trips to the Hill Country. The reality turned out that while doable, it is kinda a hassle to pack a baby and a border collie up to go walk a few miles. I found myself doing a lot of walks at Mueller, across the street from me (where all these pictures were taken). I did a couple Hill Country trips with family, as it is just easier with Jasper when I
other people to help me. I also thought I would get a lot more done around the house, but the downtime when Jasper sleeps can be limited, and some days I just did not complete my to do list. I am slowly learning that this is my new way of life, and I just will never get everything done. Today is a good example. Jasper got some immunizations this morning, and as the doctor said may happen, he has slept all day. That means I am tethered to the house, as I just don’t think it would be very nice to drag him all over when he clearly doesn’t feel good. I’ve had the chance to get
some things done around the house, and did a 1 hour yoga DVD for the 40 day challenge (more on that later).

The primary goal of taking 12 weeks of leave and not 6 was to spend time with Jasper, and that I did get to do. I got word today he starts daycare on May 1st, so my first week of work Mike will stay home with him, and that will help the transition. I am trying to work on simplifying my life a little more in order to remain sane when I start back to work. I am trying to limit my activities and plans. For awhile running may be my only hobby. I am doing the yoga challenge to work on really focusing on doing yoga at home because going to classes will be difficult when I start work. I remind myself that all this is temporary and things will keep getting easier and easier, AND, really we don’t do too bad. Jasper and I have done a lot together. I could probably stand to simplify my life no matter what…Jasper is just a good excuse and he is my priority.