We’ve been very busy with lots of family visits (Jasper met Grandma Helen and Grandpa Alex and Uncle Paul and Aunt Megumi). It’s been a lot of fun, but I haven’t sat down at the computer much lately.

Jasper made out like a bandit on the visit and got a ton of new clothes. He also just got a package today of a super cute whale outfit from one of the wives of the docs I used to work with. People are so thoughtful when it comes to baby gifts. He also got money and cards for Easter from his Grammy and his Grandma Sarah. He is one lucky kid.

I’m still on the 40 day yoga challenge, but I admit with the company, I’ve only managed little 10 minute sessions after my runs. I am hoping to hit it a little harder next week. I need to…with the company I did a lot of good eating. Trudy’s and Rather Sweet in Fredricksburg. Mmmmm. Nothing like a brownie as big as my head šŸ™‚
My running is going great. I am consistently at an 8:30 pace, and doing long runs of 10 miles. This weekend is my first postpartum race, the Capital 10K. May 2nd is my first 1/2 marathon, Heels and Hills in Irving (near my sister in law), and I am hoping to dominate the “New Mom” division. Can’t wait! Then I get to start marathon training for the Frankenthon!!!
It’s also Bluebonnet season, and we’ve been enjoying the great weather.
Up next: Jasper’s first running Expo, a test run in the Bob stroller, a work conference for me, and my first postpartum race report!


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