Capital 10K…

Here in Austin the Capital 10K is one of the markers of springtime. It is one of the biggest 10Ks in the country, and walking and costume wearing is highly encouraged. As a result, many “serious” runners in Austin do not do it. Kinda a shame. It is a hilly, gorgeous course, and a perfect tune up race for those running the Boston marathon. Since I am starting my racing at shorter distances, rather than do this as a fun run, I did want to push myself some and see what I could do.

If I was really serious I would have done a mini-taper and taken it easy towards the end of the week. Instead I did a killer yoga class on Friday. The girl who teaches Fridays is the most challenging teacher and anytime I do one of her classes, I am sore the next day. I woke up really sore Saturday, and ran 7 miles, meeting Stephanie part way in. Then I headed home, and Mike, Jasper, Pancake and I did a 3 mile run with the Bob stroller. Unless you have a baby, you’ve probably never heard of a Bob. It is apparently the Cadillac of running strollers, and makes running with a stroller much easier. We have been walking with it, but hadn’t run with it yet, as we were told wait until Jasper is 6 months old. We have since figured the pediatrician didn’t get that he’s in his car seat while he’s in the stroller now, so we thought it would be ok. It worked great….Jasper loved it, his head bounce seemed fine. It is just a major workout if you are short like me. It was hard to not scrunch my shoulders, and by the end of the run my arms were even more sore. Plus, I was pretty tired since Jasper decided to get up every 2 hours the night before. I ate a terrible pre-race dinner, and the only good race prep I did, was pin my number on my race day shirt the night before.
Luckily, Jasper slept great last night. He got up twice, which is really good for a baby his age. I still woke up sore as heck, but figured it was only a 10K. I met Steve at his house and we ran to the start, a little under 2 miles. My goals for the race were to run under 50 minutes and not pee in my pants (Steve told me to put that part in my blog…if you’ve tried racing a couple months after having a baby you will understand). The Cap10 is crowded, and a circus, but we still had fun people watching and lining up in our “corral”. Steve protected me from the constant onslaught of beach balls, and didn’t yell at me when I refused to do the wave. After a long wait, we were off….
With the crowds, our first mile was the slowest. We joked and shuffled along, and pushed a little on the hills. My garmin died, so I relied on Steve to tell me how fast we were going. We were dipping under 8 minute miles, which is great for me. The course is so pretty and it was so green…the race just flew by. We picked it up the last mile, and the clock said 50 minutes, but with the chip time, we made 49:29….whoo-hoo! My first postpartum race, and made sub- 8 minutes miles (I also did not pee in my pants. 🙂 We had a nice cool down walking back to Steve’s house.
What a fun race…even though “only” a 10K, but I suspect I will be sore tomorrow. Up next: Heels and Hills Half marathon, and more runs with the Bob (gotta figure out how to break a 10 minutes mile while running with that thing)

3 thoughts on “Capital 10K…”

  1. What kind of BOB do you have? I'm expecting my first in October and while I definitely know I want a BOB, I'm not sure which kind. Thanks for any info!

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