Almost over…

I am in the home stretch of my maternity leave. Never has 3 months gone so fast. I did overestimate how much I would do in these 3 months. I had visions of walking town lake everyday, and many trips to the Hill Country. The reality turned out that while doable, it is kinda a hassle to pack a baby and a border collie up to go walk a few miles. I found myself doing a lot of walks at Mueller, across the street from me (where all these pictures were taken). I did a couple Hill Country trips with family, as it is just easier with Jasper when I
other people to help me. I also thought I would get a lot more done around the house, but the downtime when Jasper sleeps can be limited, and some days I just did not complete my to do list. I am slowly learning that this is my new way of life, and I just will never get everything done. Today is a good example. Jasper got some immunizations this morning, and as the doctor said may happen, he has slept all day. That means I am tethered to the house, as I just don’t think it would be very nice to drag him all over when he clearly doesn’t feel good. I’ve had the chance to get
some things done around the house, and did a 1 hour yoga DVD for the 40 day challenge (more on that later).

The primary goal of taking 12 weeks of leave and not 6 was to spend time with Jasper, and that I did get to do. I got word today he starts daycare on May 1st, so my first week of work Mike will stay home with him, and that will help the transition. I am trying to work on simplifying my life a little more in order to remain sane when I start back to work. I am trying to limit my activities and plans. For awhile running may be my only hobby. I am doing the yoga challenge to work on really focusing on doing yoga at home because going to classes will be difficult when I start work. I remind myself that all this is temporary and things will keep getting easier and easier, AND, really we don’t do too bad. Jasper and I have done a lot together. I could probably stand to simplify my life no matter what…Jasper is just a good excuse and he is my priority.

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