Balancing act…

I recently got these old photos of Jasper from when he was 3 weeks old. May 1 he will be 3 months old. I can’t believe how little and skinny he looks here. Those socks that are floppy are now too tight. I guess time has flown as today is my “official” last day of maternity leave. We celebrated our last weekday together by going to baby yoga with Kitty and Baby Lia, and then grabbing a bite to eat. The out of control oak pollen has made me sick, so I am really just busy praying that Jasper does not get sick for my first week back to work.

So, now we start our balancing act. How will I make Jasper my priority and maintain work, training, and trying to do fun things as a family (Pancake too!!)….oh, and keep my house clean and organized which is a priority to me. I am not sure how I will do it. I just have to simplify as much as possible. A couple years ago, Runner’s World had a great article on some Olympic Trials runners. Many were moms, and worked full time. I wish I had saved the article….because it is inspiration that it can be done. I don’t think I’ll be volunteering to take on big projects at work for awhile, I won’t feel guilty about paying more money for some pre-made foods at the grocery store, and I have accepted I probably won’t watch a movie in one sitting (more like 2-3 nights!). In other words, I’ll take every conveinence and compromise I am offered in hopes of making the 4 of us happy (me, Mike, Jasper and Pancake!).
Part of my balancing act will be running quality miles, not quantity. I’ve got my training plan for the October Frankenthon from Advanced Marathoning. I will start in about 1 month. Until then I am just trying to maintain and slightly increase fitness. I will have to modify the schedule to fit my life, but having a schedule will hopefully force me to really run some quality runs, not over do it, and keep it motivating, since I now run most of my runs alone. It will also help me not get caught up in what my friends are doing, because I just can’t do what many of them can do. I’ll have too much on my plate, and having my own plan will allow me to focus more on just me.
I would love to hear tips from my friends about how they balance it all. I know a lot of you are doing just what I am doing, but with more than 1 kid. Share your tips for not going crazy!

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