Heels and Hills Half Marathon = Total Bust…

While I was pregnant I would often think how much I was looking forward to doing a race and having Mike and Jasper at the finish cheering me in. Well, that little fantasy will have to wait until fall. The weekend’s half marathon didn’t happen for me. There were plenty of hints all week not to race: I had bronchitis, Jasper was on a sleeping protest, it was my first week back at work and a little hectic, I took a hard fall on a run one morning and was sore all week, and finally Mike and Jasper both had a little cold, making them both congested.

We were using the race as excuse to visit Mike’s sister, Jodi, and family in Mansfield, since the race was in Las Colinas. Friday night, Mike and Jasper seemed better, so we packed up all the stuff including a bassinet that Jasper needed and left early Saturday morning.
Jasper was pretty fussy once we got there. I think he was just tired of not sleeping well due to congestion and he was not as happy as he normally is. That is not saying much as he is a very good tempered baby, but if he’s going to fuss, it just makes it harder when it is in someone else’s home. So, that part was hard. I had to sit out a trip for yummy frozen yogurt because Jasper was fussy. I got him to sleep about 830 and he slept until 1100. Meanwhile, Mike had developed the worst congestion any of us had ever seen. It came out of no where. He takes every antihistamine in the house. There was no way he would sleep like that, so he sat in another guest room all night without any sleep. Meanwhile Jasper was up every 2 hours, but that seems par for the course these days and I didn’t really fret.
The plan was for Mike to drop me off at the race, then go back to his sister’s and gather everyone up to go see me finish. Only he felt like death in the morning, so despite being disappointed he and Jasper wouldn’t see me run, I said I would just go alone. And then, another curve ball: as I am getting dressed I realize I have no running bra. Guys don’t understand, but my girlfriends do…this is an essential item. I had grabbed my favorite one before I left, so I have no idea how it didn’t make it into my bag, but it didn’t. I only have nursing bras, and decide I will just wear the two I brought together to stay comfortable while I run. I’m sure 2 layers of lace won’t cause much chafing….yeah, right.
So I google map the directions and head out. I don’t know DFW at all. Sooo….when the directions take me to a country road and say it’s a highway, I think there is no way that could be right and turn around. I call Mike, he says I should have turned onto the road. I go back. It’s pitch black, no street lights, I turn, and after a couple miles realize I am southbound and need to be northbound. There is no where to turn around. I drive for a few more miles, turn around, miss the entrance to the highway or the country road, flip around, get on, and realize I have 20 minutes to make a 40 minute drive that I am not really sure where all I need to turn, I still have no packet or race number. There is no way I am doing this run. I call Mike, I start crying, and tell him I am coming back.
I immediately head out and run 10 miles. I spend the first couple miles crying. Not really over the run, but just that it is frustrating to feel like my freedom and control aren’t there very much these days. The run is nice on a great network of trails, and everything is green and lush. My frustration melts away, and I think of how good natured Jasper is that even when he was sick all week, he constantly smiled. There’s something to learn from this. I just can’t get upset over stuff like this. I smoke the run, running sub 8 minute miles. I felt wonderful, despite a couple hours of sleep, and wearing 2 lace nursing bras, one over the other.
When I get back, Mike is miserable. He’s sick to his stomach and cannot breathe. He lies down, I take a 5 minute shower and pack up the TON of crap we brought. This trip is getting better and better. I need coffee, bad. I hit a local place. I get a cup of burnt skim milk. Ok, this isn’t funny anymore!
I drive since Mike is sick. By Hillsboro, I can talk again. I get a Starbucks and feel better. Mike feels and sounds better. We continue on.
By Austin Mike is 100% fine. Very mysterious. We think he had a massive reaction to something there, and taking multiple allergy pills with beer and thai food did a number to his stomach. I am relived he is alright, but do find it somewhat ironic.
So, that was my big race weekend I was looking forward to. I am over it by now. What can you do? Sometimes something is just not meant to be and clearly this race was just not going to happen.
After missing my alarm for my return to the sisters’ run last week, and the snafus of this week, next I am hoping next weekend’s run goes off without a hitch!
Up this week: Jasper goes to day care 😦 more work for me, and my first Mother’s day.

4 thoughts on “Heels and Hills Half Marathon = Total Bust…”

  1. The image of you crying and running in two nursing bras made me cry and laugh at the same time. You have to let me steal that for a short story sometime. What a weekend.

  2. I ran across your blog while googling "postpartum running." I am also a new mother…Joseph is almost 8 weeks. I bought new running shoes and am getting back into running for the first time since I hurt my hip at the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm not a hardcore runner, but it is some much needed "Me" time. Keep up the blogging..I really need to get back to mine: http://www.theanimalscientist.blogspot.com

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