Jasper surviving daycare so far…

As recently as 6 weeks ago, I said there was no way I could run, get ready for work, get Jasper ready and get him off to daycare. It seemed impossible. Well, we’ve done it so far all week, and we both survived.

I am very aware that commercial day care is not the ideal childcare….there is not a lot of individual attention. But the fact that I can go see him everyday at lunch makes it doable. The staff seems nice, but overwhelmed. I am sure it is not the cleanest place, but everyone there seemed to be doing the best with what they had. I cried the first day, but it’s getting much better. He always seems happy when I go over at lunch, so I think we can stick with it for now.
The mornings are not as bad as I thought. The evenings are tough. There is so much stuff to bring, I am a little overwhelmed by it all when I have a hungry Jasper and a Pancake that needs to go out. I have the breast pump (sorry for my guy friends to read this), in a backpack on my back, Jasper strapped to my front, a lunch bag, and his bag with bottles and a change of clothes for the day. Every night I have to clean up all the day’s bottles, make sure I have milk for new ones, and since I visit Jasper at lunch, I need to have a lunch packed for me. The mornings are not so bad since I to to a lot of trouble to do all this the night before. Monday night seemed so busy with making dinner, packing. doing laundry, but it has gotten better and better as the week went on.
And, soooo sorry to disturb some of you with this, but breastfeeding at a full time job is really hard. I had a 3 hour lunch meeting the other day, and I needed to go feed Jasper. It is hard to not put him first when I am at work. Then I have to take time later in the day to use the pump, so I have enough milk for him for the next day, and all of this cuts into my work time, which I am trying to limit to 8 hours a day for a few weeks while Jasper adjusts to daycare. But, add in the feeding, and my work time starts to get chipped away. I am sure I’ll get better at managing my time, but for now I feel like I can never go to lunch with a coworker, or take a few minutes to hear about someone’s weekend, or run to the coffee cart, etc. I feel like every minute counts, and it makes the work day a little stressful.
I have managed to run everyday but Thursday and that will be the norm. I can run for an hour, and depending on how fast I run, I can add a little extra distance here and there. I guess I am doing something right in my organization if I can do this. Thursdays I have a standing 645 meeting. The daycare doesn’t open until 630, so I need to be there waiting by the door at 630 to make the meeting. I was pretty proud of myself I got myself, and a packed up baby out of the house by 6:10 am.
A nice side effect of daycare is so far Jasper is exhausted. He can’t nap near as much as he used to. So, he had been sleeping great at night. He slept through the night the other day…sleeping from 10pm-4am. It was heavenly, and I felt so rested. Last night he almost made it again, but had a bad dream and woke up at 200, but went right back to sleep, so I am hoping that this trend remains!
So my overall assessment of daycare plus work is it is not as bad as I thought. It is not easy, but it seems to be doable. I now need to work on managing time to allow for a little down time with Mike in the evenings and catching up with friends, as that just did not seem to happen. We’ll just have to see what the next week brings.

1 thought on “Jasper surviving daycare so far…”

  1. Wow– I'm amazed, Clea. You guys are doing great. And when you get tired, remember that things will get so much easier after this first year. So much.

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