Happy Mother’s Day…

Well, I now know all about the hardest job in the world. You never get a day off, you don’t get paid, and you don’t always get a thank you. But somehow it’s still all worth it. I rather sheepishly admit that until I became I mother I didn’t fully understand what goes into it, and it makes me appreciate all mothers including my own a lot more.

Jasper gave me the gift of a long shower. He napped long enough for me to get full shower and not a 2 minute in and out shower. He also got me a bouquet of snap dragons.
I kinda did most my Mother’s Day stuff yesterday. I ran 13 miles! (ok 12.8, but since Stratford Dr was on the course, I am calling it 13). It was such a treat to run with a group, run at town lake and run Stratford, which I really love despite it’s difficulty. I had not done this route in a year or so, and believe me, if you run the trails and Tarrytown everyday, don’t take it for granted. It is such a fabulous place to run. Oh, and Lance Armstrong just happened to cycle by us and said hello. I’ve never seen him in all my years here, so that was kind of wild. Also, Meghan brought me the cutest pink running shirt that says “Run like a mother” across the front.
Then I went and got my hair cut and colored which meant Mike watched Jasper a couple hours, so that was another treat. Then Mike went out with some friends and Jasper and I went to Rogue running and I got new shoes, and couldn’t resist the 50% off rack, so some new shorts too. We then went out to the Salt Lick in Round Rock for Robert Czysz’s (coz in law) birthday with a big group. Jasper and I left before everyone else went to an Express baseball game and went home and watched a documentary and fell asleep together by 900.
Today we went to Blue Dahlia to eat, then to baby yoga together and then went to get baby supplies at Babies R Us. Jasper probably heard a few f-bombs, because I hate that store, they seriously have the worst customer service ever, but their diapers are really cheap.
Then I got home and made a massive portobello, leek and spinach lasagna to make my work week easier by having a lot of food made. Now I am relaxing doing nothing which is really nice!
Anyhow, Happy Mother’s Day to my friends and family. I know some of you work a lot harder at being a mom than I do and some of you have a lot more challenges, so I toast you with the glass of wine I am about to go drink. Here’s to the hardest job in world, but also the best…..

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