Never wake a sleeping baby…

I am sitting here next to Jasper while he is sleeping in my bed. I confess I’ve been letting him sleep here since I started work to make my life better. I just couldn’t take working all day in an office with no windows and no sunlight, staring at a computer all on a couple hours of sleep. It was the perfect storm to fall asleep on the job. I guess I’ll worry about getting him out of the bed later. It does kinda make sense if you are breastfeeding since he still gets up to eat a couple times a night, but now he quickly goes back to sleep and he falls asleep much earlier. Babies don’t need to go to bed at 1100! Plus, I can watch a movie or something while he is drifting off. I used to rock him and attempt endless failed transfers into the bassinet, and before I knew it the whole evening was shot. Lately I’ve been getting an hour or 2 of freedom after he is asleep. Last night I saw about half of an awesome documentary on PBS about the history of whaling in America. Sounds geeky, but it was fascinating. Tonight I watched Lost, which I compare to being in a bad relationship that one just doesn’t have the will to get out of. If this keeps up with Jasper falling asleep before 10pm, I might be able to read again (a book, not just a magazine or a website).

Anyhow, the 40 day yoga challenge is over. It really wasn’t a challenge to do a little yoga everyday. It was a challenge to go to real classes regularly. I suppose I added more to my day though. If I am watching anything on tv, I usually am on the floor stretching, doing yoga push ups, or still trying to master crow pose. Mike used to laugh at me, but now I think he doesn’t think twice to see me falling forward in my pajamas while trying to master crow. Jasper often finds himself on my legs while I lower them up and down trying to reclaim some type of abdominal muscles. Those muscles do not seem to want to come back. I’ll cut my running time by about 10 minutes to ensure I can stretch out a little when I get home. I don’t ever want to throw my back out again, so I am trying to be very proactive! I have even taught Mike a couple shoulder opening poses to help with his disc golf. I have a long term goal of taking the teacher training someday. I don’t necessarily want to be a teacher, but it would be great to learn more and improve. Maybe in about a year I can find the one night a week free it would take to do this. A girl can dream…
Well, I should follow Jasper’s lead and get some sleep.

2 thoughts on “Never wake a sleeping baby…”

  1. Co-sleeping is way better than they say. You can easily get him out of your bed, especially up until the attachment phase begins. Rome slept alone from months 3 – 7 but now has returned since he wakes up and starts crawling to our room anyways…we've slept much better since we caved to his demands.Now I just have to follow your lead and start my running again. Its just so hot already.

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