Cleanliness is next to Owliness…

Here are some pictures Jasper will hate me for someday. But I had to at least do one bath photo session. Lately I’ve been told Jasper is huge, so you be the judge. There’s not much to write about, because life is pretty routine. It is nice to have a schedule after a couple months of not. I run, we go to daycare, I work, I visit at lunch, I work, we go home, eat, chores, maybe a little tv/ reading and repeat process. I’ve kept weekends pretty plan-free for awhile. I ran one of Austin’s more popular routes again, the Scenic dr 12 miler. It felt fantastic, and I sure appreciate my chances to meet up with friends. Since I don’t have as much time to run, I really try and make my runs quality, and I try and push the pace on the long ones (there was a time I didn’t consider 12 long). I also got to go to my favorite yoga teacher Saturday, for the first time since Jasper was born. Now that was a treat.

My collection of things I said I would never buy continues to grow. We got Jasper an Exersaucer. It is a huge, plastic thing a baby can stand in and swivel 360 degrees, playing with lots of plastic, loud, and flashing toys the whole way around. They have one at his daycare and he loves it. I found one at Pumpkin Patch (used kid’s stuff, but in pristine condition…a great place to pick up very nice stuff and clothes). He just got done hanging out in it watching Baby Einstein. I probably said I would never buy Baby Einstein either….but yet here it is. What you won’t do for a few moments to have your hands free….
Today I ran with Stephanie, then with Mike, Pancake and Jasper. Man, summer is here! Jasper and I then went to baby yoga. Another shout out for baby yoga….I love getting a workout and spending time with Jasper…and he loves it. Next Jasper had to endure a trip to Petticoat Fair. Ok, another plug for a local business…I love this place. A couple more errands, and then we spend the afternoon making cookies and watching Baby Mozart. Now I am having my favorite dinner, good pizza, salad and wine.
All week I’ve been listening to marathontalk.com. Mark turned me onto this podcast, and it is so fantastic. While they have interviews with people like Paula Radcliffe and Ryan Hall, they also interview regular people. There is a great interview with a single mom who took up marathoning and how she finds time to train, work and raise her kids. There are also excellent training tips for regular people…those of us who just can’t run 100 miles weeks. There are too many good tips for me to write about here, but listening to it makes me want to run, and train smart. I just can’t recommend it enough. I’ve also been listening to Splendid Table, a podcast about food, so it makes me hungry for really good food, so after that I’d better listen to a podcast about running.

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