Just a moment…

I am off today. We are going to Mansfield this afternoon, and the thought of trying to work all morning, then rush home and pack us all up was too much. The old Clea would have worked until the second we left town. The new me says I save up my days off for a reason, so I am going to make the whole process easier on myself. Plus, Jasper has been in daycare 3 weeks now, and I figure having a morning together is a good idea. We will get to go to baby yoga before we leave town. Right now he is in his Exersaucer playing and watching the Nightmare Before Christmas. I am so glad I made him a Tim Burton fan.
A few quick thoughts I’ve been wanting to put on here for awhile:

Running is going pretty good, although my build up has been a little slower than I had planned. The other day the marathontalk I listened to talked about the concept of thinking about your runs in terms of “what is this run doing for me?” If you have a goal, and gear your runs towards that goal, the idea is you are a lot less likely to just go out and pile on mile after mile, if you think of your runs as having a purpose to get to that goal. The really stress thinking of rest and recovery as “training”. This concept is very helpful for me, as I am now forced into off days, light weeks, and limited time. I used to train for a big event by every 3-4 weeks taking a down week, where I did less. Somehow over the years, the sisterhood morphed into doing 20 milers every weekend, and we quit backing down ever…and I got slower. Well, that is no longer an option, so I am back to every few weeks dropping back a bit. I am hoping I benefit from this. This is going to be a drop back week by default. Today was 8 with Steve (my goal was to make it quick, but the steamy weather ate into our pace a bit). Tomorrow I hope for 10. Next week, I’ll try and go back up to 13-14. I hope my ultra friends don’t laugh at these miles, but reality is I am no longer an ultra/ trail runner, but a runner training for a fall marathon….like a lot of Austin runners are right now.
Yesterday was one of those days that being a full time mom and having an away from home job, and being the only food source for Jasper seemed sooo difficult. Overall, I think it is a small miracle we both make it to work on Thursdays by 630 am. I know there will be occasional hectic days, so I am not sweating it too much. I just try to think back to when he was first born and it took me until noon to go for a little walk, take a 2 minute shower and have a cup of coffee.

The pictures here are me and the Owl at House Pizza last week, a turtle he helped me rescue from the middle of the street, and evidence he’s starting to get teeth. Oh, and that he will be a very active little boy. That toy he has is not meant to bend!

1 thought on “Just a moment…”

  1. You put it all so well… We're starting daycare tomorrow – so – we'll see how that goes. Hope we don't get the crud for awhile yet – I haven't saved up much off time since I've been back at work yet, eek!

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