The Owl and I had a nice weekend with my sister in law, Jodi and niece/ Owl’s cousin, McKenna. Mike had a boys’ weekend with a Ranger’s game and disc golf, so we accompanied him to Manfield, and got to shop, eat good pizza and gelato, run, and see McKenna’s swim meet although it was a little steamy…

I got to hit the Walnut Creek Linear Park…a paved trail connecting all the parks in Mansfield. It is an awesome run. I run about 3 miles to get there, then hit the trail. It is 100% shaded, and paved, so no worries about tripping and falling. Since I discovered it back in December, running in Mansfield is a real treat. I personally like paved trails. There is all the beauty of a hike, but no picking up my feet, and I feel like I can just fly. Well, as much as a run on a couple hours sleep allows me to.
The Owl did great while we were there, he just refused to sleep. As you can tell from the pictures, he never seems tired. I, on the other hand, never seem to find the energy to brush my hair or put on real clothes (not just running clothes) as demonstrated by the photos.
I am all signed up for the Frankenthon, aka my fall marathon, aka “I hope I am still a real runner”. So in the next couple weeks I’ll make my best attempt at real workouts. One of the toughest things about being a new mom is getting so little sleep. I see a direct correlation between my pace and the sleep I got the night before my run. I am going to do my best to do a tempo run, a long run, and some type of interval (gag) every week, plus a couple recovery runs. I know there are some mornings it may not happen, but that is my goal. I also will keep up yoga, as I feel it is essential to my running at this point. It is getting tough to go to anything other than baby yoga, but I’ll make it a goal every week, but not beat myself up if it doesn’t happen. My hierarchy is Jasper,Mike, and Pancake, work, then running. I kinda wish I could switch work and running, but I like getting a paycheck.
Speaking of work, I’ve been thinking of the pros/ cons to staying at home with your baby versus working out of the home. I love feeling productive and having a job that is very definitive of who I am. Of course I don’t like seeing less of Jasper and have strangers care for him much of the day. I also really feel like I miss out on all the cool mom groups there are in Austin. I am sure some do weekend things, but that is usually family time, or time for me to squeeze in a little time to myself. I know there is a group from the baby yoga class. It’s got to be nice to be in that type of network. It’s just with my schedule, I don’t feel I could add another thing. Maybe eventually I can fit it in.
Ok, the Owl is asleep…I better take my window of opportunity and see if he’ll give me a couple of hours.

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