Daycare Crud Part I, being a running mama, getting busier…

This week I got to experience the phenomena of daycare crud. Lots of friends warned me if I stuck Jasper in daycare, expect to get sick. I went to bed Tuesday completely fine, and when Jasper woke at 1am, I thought WTF?!?! My throat was on fire, my ears ached, I had a fever, every joint hurt and I had chills. I went to work the next day feeling way sub-par, and bummed the 3 day weekend might be spent sick. It was a crappy day, running fever all day. I got home took tylenol, got in bed at 7pm with Jasper, who was pretty mellow, and the next day I felt a lot better. Even better yesterday, and today I feel almost 100%. Truly a 24 hour bug. Jasper seems fine, so I am guessing I am just more prone to getting sick now since he takes every nutrient out of me (you don’t get to be 15 pounds at less than 4 months by eating light meals). Anyhow, a HUGE relief to not be sick this weekend, and I also know there is more to come. Every kid there has a snotty nose.

Jasper is snoozing now after spending a morning in the Ergo while I cleaned house. Before that I did my longest run yet!!! I am calling it 14, but I guess it just barely under. In the days before Garmins we would have called it a 14 mile run. It was steamy, but I held on. I’ve got my work cut out for me to get a Boston Qualifier. I can run Boston pace pretty easily, but with a couple stops to get water and a gel, and a bathroom stop(I love Jasper, but he did ruin my bladder), I was over pace at the end. I’ll keep working on it, and this is just the beginning of my training. I also found this pregnancy blog. Another great blog from a pro runner running through pregnancy. Hopefully she’ll keep it up through the comeback period.
Next week will be a busy one for me. We are putting on our national conference at work. It should be a very good conference, but will mean a lot of hours. We also have Mike’s brother and sister and family coming. It should be fun, and it will be great that they can take Jasper while I am putting in the extra hours, so he won’t be in daycare for 12 hours a day. So, this weekend we are just trying to get a lot of chores and errands done and enjoy any little downtime we get. I plan to run as much as I can, hit baby yoga and hopefully a real yoga class (this picture is Jasper doing his carseat yoga), bake some treats, and Monday night have a girls’ dinner. I LOVE 3 day weekends (who doesn’t?)

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