This week was one of the tough ones. I was completely wrong Jasper and I had escaped day care crud. We both got it 100%. I felt ok for a couple days and then it hit…hard. I got bronchitis and Jasper just completely filled up with snot making it impossible for him to breathe, and then impossible to sleep. This would have been bad on it’s own, but we had to couple with putting on our conference at work. This meant leaving the house at 530 am, having a very long day, and then a dinner that night all with a sick, tired baby and an a very sleepy, sick, mama too. What little of a schedule Jasper had seemed to vanish and he was falling asleep at 1100pm all week and waking every couple of hours. I almost lost it. Yesterday seemed to be a turning point for us both though. He went to bed at 900, and it was uneventful. He seems to breathe better. We had company this weekend, Mike’s brother Andy, and sister Jodi and family were all here, so I really did not want to have a feverish baby for the visit, but we seem to be ok.
So this week’s running was all about just do the best I could manage. I did run, but made most days recovery type runs. I did have one awesome morning that all came together and I ran below 8:30s for my run….but that seems to be an outlier for the week. Most days it was a victory just to make it out the door. Friday I woke at 415, so I could be on the road by 500 at the latest.
This weekend’s long run was going to be tough to squeeze in between all that we had going on. Mike’s brother wanted to do something outside and take part in Pride week, so we thought the Pride 5K would fit the bill. I ran on my own in the morning, and then came home so we could all downtown together to run. I would push Jasper, and at the last minute Pancake decided she really needed to run a gay pride 5K, so she went too. It was all kinds of hot out at 9am. Many participants wore micro speedos and were taking advantage of the slip and slide at the end (the theme of the run was the beach). I decided not to ruin the boys’ weekend by shoving myself into a bikini to run in, and stuck with my “Run like a mother” shirt. Along the course were the fairies to cheer for runners….cute 20 something guys in micro rainbow speedos. I got a “Go sexy mama”, and “You go awesome mama.” shouted at me by the fairies. This is probably the only time a cute, 20- something guy will call me a sexy mama while I am running. I suspect most the time I see a young guy on the trail he probably thinks “I wish this fat old lady would just give it up….I’m just embarrassed for her.” Anyhow, I really need to pack the fairies in my suitcase and take them to my next out of town race for moral support. Jasper slept through most of the run, and I am puzzled that he can sleep through Lady Gaga blaring out of Oilcan Harry’s, and fairies with bullhorns, but I let out the tiniest little cough at night and he wakes up. And despite my fears that Pancake would just be hot and miserable, she seemed to have the time of her life.
So this week the goal is to reclaim some type of schedule. To get back on track for my sleep, my yoga, and some healthy eating (no more conference buffets!). Jasper just passed out…so time to take advantage. Hope everyone has a good week.

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