The other Paula…

Most runners, and even perhaps non-runners know who Paula Radcliffe is. Marathon world record holder, fastest running mama in the world, and owner of abs just like mine (ha-ha…not!). But, you may not know Paula Deen. She is a Southern Martha Stewart type, but much sassier and funnier. Her recipes are simple and sinful. Hello, is Southern cooking known for being lowfat? I only make Paula’s stuff when I feel like a really yummy and easy dessert. Since I don’t have to worry about maintaining a world record producing, low body fat, body like Paula Radcliffe does, I can indulge in a Paula Deen dessert.

I’ve been craving buttermilk pie lately. Eastside cafe makes a really good one and tops it with fresh strawberries. It’s a really easy dessert too. So of course Paula D’s recipe was the best looking one I could find. I got off work, got Jasper from daycare, went and bought a week’s worth of food at Central Market with Jasper in the Ergo strapped to my chest, got home inhaled my odd dinner of sushi, chicken salad, quinoa, and soup, and then got to work on a buttermilk pie. Jasper sat in his new high chair and we sang together while I got the pie going. After his bath, and some laundry the pie was ready to eat. I served it with greek yogurt instead of whipped cream (Paula Deen would never do this), and fresh berries and cherries. Freakin’ AWESOME!!! This one will go in the rotation for sure.
Now, should I share the recipe with my friends and family? If I do, and I bring it to a party then you will know just how easy it really is, instead of raving about what a master I am at making delicious pies. But, it’s such a good summer dessert, I suppose I can share….just follow the link:


1 thought on “The other Paula…”

  1. We've got my Mom's super secret super easy chocolate bunt cake in the oven right now (taking it to a family reunion tomorrow). Must be a baking night. I had to wait until Amelia went to sleep. She thinks that when I get home from work it's play play play play play time!

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