Real Ale Anniversary party, long run, and upcoming mountain trip!

Yesterday was the Real Ale anniversary party in Blanco. Free pints, free barbecue, tunes, a beautiful setting, and 100 degrees (the only bad part). We left about 1030 to get there at the start so we could snag a spot in the shade. Some people may argue heat, music, booze and babies do not mix, but we tried our best to make it work. Despite tickets for 4 delicious pints, I just sipped a Fireman’s 4, and later swapped it for the new IPA, and never even finished 1 pint. We sat in the shade and brought a lot of water. Jasper was a champ and did great. Still we knew after about 2 hours we should probably call it a day. Next year we’ll bring more snacks and a tent, so live and learn. We are still proud of ourselves for even attempting such outings.

Prior to the party, I got up early and did 14 miles. It went fantastic, and I am ready to bump up another notch. It is easy for me to feel a little inferior to my “old” self, who could knock out 4 hours runs on the greenbelt. But when I stop and think about it…I ran 14 hilly miles hard, and I fed Jasper before I went, got home, threw on dry clothes and fed him again. How many runners can say that? 🙂 I am also very thankful Mike was willing to watch him once he was up and his Mama was still out running. Thanks, Mike!
I am also thrilled that we will be spending a long weekend at Rocky Mountain National Park in August. I did not want to fly on a plane with Jasper as an infant, but a 2 hour direct flight at an absolute steal of a price, to a place with pine trees and temps under 70 degrees convinced me. We went 2 summers ago, and RMNP is just an unreal place….so beautiful and the hiking is fantastic. There are a lot of trails under 3 miles that will be easy to do with Jasper in his Ergo carrier. We are also staying a night in Boulder (where I would live if I didn’t live here…and if I could get a job there). I found a half marathon going on while we are there. Gonna try and do it, but the logistics of one rental car may make it tricky, but if we can make it work, what a dream. I would love to race in Colorado!
Alright…time to get ready for baby yoga…
Coming up: I get to see a movie!, Jasper’s aunties and cousins visit, more hill repeats and long runs continue…

2 thoughts on “Real Ale Anniversary party, long run, and upcoming mountain trip!”

  1. Wow! A movie?You are a badass running mama. Don't forget it, ever!Oh, and flying with an infant, especially a nursing one, isn't so bad at all. We've enjoyed ourselves. No worries there.

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